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We know it´s a sin…

Posted in Volatile Times on August 8th, 2012 by IAMXTourCorner

Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main – 28.07.2012

“Time to give the rest of our glitter powder to the crowd too. I threw it all around and while these coloured projected dots were dancing on the screen to the beats. The air was full of little dancing red and gold glitter particles. Swirled around in the choreography of our head banging.”

We had an early start that saturday morning. As usual Cross Girl and me we had our make-up done together. Strengthened by a substantial breakfast we picked up Triangle Girl. And I realized that I´ve actually forgotten my big camera lens so that we had to stop by on our way to Frankfurt. This time my boyfriend used to be our driver. In Frankfurt we had a hotel room in a little hotel only a stone´s throw away from the locaction. Triangle Girl got her make-up done while Cross Girl and me we prepared ourselfs for this night with a hand shaked cuba libre to bring down the excitement a little.

We again had a little surprise with us. Something which we´ve spent the last 14 nights on. Together we had the idea creating a photo album with all unfogettable memories of the past tour we did from Prague 2010 to Prague 2011. By bringing all our ideas together in this album with all our experiences,  it should become something to say thank you to the band for that unforgettable time we had the last year. So we carefully carried our memories to the club. And while we waited there accidentially I saw Alberto outside for a break. I made use of an opportune moment and handed the album over to Alberto who was surprised and took it backstage with a smile.

Anyway back to the story. There´ve already been a handfull of people waiting. Some were from France and Belgium and even a girl from China (Shanghai) went over to see the show. This is crazy if you imagine how far she travelled to see IAMX live. She couldn´t have made any better choice.  A show in „Das Bett“ is that intimate, cosy, wild and mad. We also met our beloved friend Heidi & boyfriend. It was such a joy to meet her again after such a long time and we instantly talked and talked. A little later a biting feeling hit our stomach. Time to eat something and my boyfriend organised some Pizza for us. Heidi settled it with ice cream. Which we shared with all the waiting fans. Sioux and Brendan from USA who we know from the London show joined us too and the talks between us all began. We also talked with some french fans we met on Facebook before. For example Tanguy and Ulysse from France who already made some IAMX fan mixes.

And while we stood there the band started their soundcheck. I remember one certain moment when nearly everyone went instantly silent. Everyone cocked their ears. Is it really true? Could it really be? Do they actually play new sounds. Perhaps sketches of a new song or so? You should have seen the eyes of us all. Wide opened carefully listening. It was that silent that you could even hear a needle drop. The tension grew and grew until it fell of in a „come oooon“ as we recognized it wasn´t a new song it was a known song in a new dress. Before you knew where you are it was time to open the doors to the madness. Unfortunately we had some bad experienences again with the admission. The ones who had e-tickets first needed to exchange their tickets into „real“ ones, while those ones with tickets from a local store could already enter the club. We instantly gave up hope but thanks to a divine intervention or to say thanks to our friend Heidi we had the luck to hit the first row again. Thank you so much sweetheart – we´ll do it right a day.

While we were swimming in our memories of last years show there, the time passed by that fast that we didn´t even notice. Suddenly Brett came on stage and gave the sign to start the madness and our mental blackout took turn. I couldn´t trust my eyes. I saw it in Cross Girls eyes too. She didn´t believe it either. After everyone was on stage Chris entered the arena too. I didn´t dare to believe what was happening on stage. Chris was covered with fine golden glitter – all over! His face and chest – all over golden glitter! Only one word can describe it – TILT! I screamed and heard the other ones screaming too. I turned over to Cross Girl – we screamed at each other. I was staggered of excitement. In the hall of the screams „The Great Shipwreck of Life“ began to stomp its beats into everybodys heads. From the first tune on the whole room went crazy and turned into a sweaty human soup stirred by the bands performance and these crazy mind bending sounds.

No time to breathe deeply. It was time to drown in the whirring sounds of „Ghosts of Utopia“. Especially I remember Sioux singing during this song! I love the fan singing. It brings the soul to a live performance. Chris‘ golden make-up made him look like a roman statue especially when the blue lights filled the wall behind him. This made him look even much more like a piece of art from the early times of modern culture. With that impression in my mind the sticky sweet beats of „Kiss and Swallow“ echoed in our ears. And echoed seemed to be the right word as the whole audience seemed to be animated to sing the chorus like a giant choir. Letting the lyrics collide and fly like an echo through the room. Dark blue comic clouds flashed up on the screen behind the band as „Tear Garden“ brought us back to drumming psychosis. I was way afraid about the metal jar right in front of our noses. Well drumming too wild could make it fall off – which later really happend but didn´t cause any damage.

While the comic like clouds flashed up in the back, over and over blue lightnings brightned up the room so you could see something of Albertos and Carolines stunning drumming skills. Chris joined them and all together they´ve built a perfect symbiosis. Like 6 sticks becoming one – it feels like they all three are a union in itself. It always impresses me. The next song was a sign to at least nearly lose the rest of our mind. We couldn´t resist we brought glitter with us. Red one. It was time to use it. And while Chris and Janine screamed „all the glitter“ in their microphones we shook our heads and the room was filled with a glittering red cloud covering everyone and everything. I know last time in Berlin some were sad not to get some glitter too. This time we had enough. I threw it around on Alberto and Chris – on us. It´s that immense fun. And while I still was in my red glitter dream „The Alternative“ pulled me out of it throwing me into a green and blue thunder. I saw Chris wanting more asking the audience with a little gesture to scream and give more power. We obeyed!

I recognized Janine stepping nearly right into the audience to start one of her wild performances. Playing her guitar like taming a wild animal. Determined she ran to the right side of the stage spreading golden kisses to the audience so did Chris every once in a while during the show. I felt the audience in my back jumping and pushing when Chris took his shining megaphone to bring the alternative to real world in a distorted way. „My Secret Friend“ brought us down a little and we swam over in the river of soft melodies right into my personal blackout. Which will not stay the only one that night.

I couldn´t believe it. They played „Volatile Times“ in such a beautiful version. I´m still thrilled. Do they really want to kill me? Yes I´m sure they want. It was that amazing. Ok I love that song but this version was such a thrill. It caressed my heart, body and soul. The way they played it still got me. I remember all those little electronic delicacy. These subtle tunes and the guitar solo sounds played by Alberto. I didn´t know where to look at and where to have my ears at. It was overkill! The acoustic in that little room was excellent. The voices halled in the room and gave the singing of Alberto and Chris more depth and structure. The voices were crystal clear and drilling deep into our ears. It´s like it now is tattooed in my mind. So are Chris` gestures when he gently touched his left shoulder with his right hand leaning his body softly aside to gently sing the last words of piece of music.

It was time again to bring some action into the audiences arms and what is the right song for it? Yes right „President“. Instantly Alberto took the part of the conductor showing the audience how it works. Every single arm was moving left and right setting the air in motion and bringing a slightly sweet atmosphere to the crowd. Still moving our arms IAMX decided to give us some more glitter! „Cold Red Light“ rose from the speakers. Surprisingly Chris took out some golden glitter commenting it with „I LOVE GLITTER!“ and threw it all over himself and the first rows.

Time to give the rest of our glitter powder to the crowd too. I threw it all around and while these coloured projected dots were dancing on the screen to the beats. The air was full of little dancing red and gold glitter particles. Swirled around in the choreography of our head banging. Still in our red rush „Spit It Out“ started as I heard Chris saying „You go one more try. One more time!“ And while an orange yellow light over and over again let Chris golden skin shine in the light he asked for the swimsuits and stepped closer right in front of me. Looking at the guy behind me not wearing a shirt anymore. Not wearing a swimsuit. Chris smiled mischievous, hesitated and finally gave him one of the golden kisses they´ve spread that night all around. In the flashing light you saw the whole stage shimmering in a gloomy gold as well shimmered the band. This was magic and reminded me of the „Tales from the Arabian Nights“. Like fairy dust was in the air and every particle dances to the beats in the movement of the band. Time for a little break. A short one cause nearly immediately Janine came back with more glitter. She threw it into the audience – onto us. There´s never enough glitter – we can´t get enough of it. Chris stepped to his microphone making the audience curious with some words: „I know it´s hard. Just when you think it´s over. You have to hold on.“

In the echo of Chris‘ voice I watched Janine playing around with her new „musical sword“. Exactly the moment when the last of this sparkling dust fell on me the unmistakable sounds of „Bring Me Back A Dog“ made my body move without any control. Another time we lost our minds. Whirling around. Shaking our heads and we felt like we need to take something off. Take our „sex is not enough“-shirts off cause it was that hot in this room that even blinking made you sweat. But we didn´t – it wouldn´t make any difference. I felt like swimming in our ,Cold Red Light‘ outfit which we especially created for this show. Like wearing the new IAMX shirt and preparing our jeans and tights with tape and ripping them off. So we kept on sweating. This is what we like at the shows. You sweat, you don´t care about that and you love it.

The fast „Bring Me Back A Dog“ came the fast its sounds died and led directly over into „Nightlife“ which inspired Chris to do a little crowd surfing. I did never expect him to do it this night cause there havn´t been that much people but they seemed to be strong enough. So he stepped close to the edge dived right into the audiences arms and took a ride on everyones fingers. He was sliding through the room as in the corner of my eye I saw another one trying this ride – it was Tanguy. Brave guy. This was too much for us. Everyone was freaking out. Suddenly we lost track of Chris and thought he might not come back. Staying at the bar for a drink or whatever. And like he appeared from nowhere he sailed back from the end of the room over the audiences heads. A wave of arms and hands spat him back on stage while he screamed „You´re fucking beautiful“. We´ve never seen Chris doing this crowd diving that long like he did it that night. We were overcome. They made this night to an unforgettable and unbelievable fucking TILT.

With a „We love you very much!“ the last tunes of „Nightlife“ died out… but the glitter was still moving. Everywhere you saw happy faces. Smiling, glittering, screaming, laughing. It was such a sweat drenched sex fest. My god indeed it was! Covered with a second skin of golden and red glitter we left the club to cool down a little. We needed some fresh air after that headfuck and tried to clear our mind a bit. But this show totally kicked us into another dimension. Still in trance we came back into the club and submerged into the dancing crowd. We felt the sparkling cool froth of beer on our tongues and saw all those glittering smiling happy faces rushing around in the room. We looked at each other and all we saw was that all-embracing joy and happiness in each others eyes. There was no need to say anything – all was said without any word.

Our pupils were wide opened by the adrenaline rush which still was romping around in our bodies. We danced and danced all together , we girls, my boyfriend, Heidi & boyfriend, Sioux and Brendan and all the other fans – boisterous, lively. Sioux and Brendan left early but in a couple of hours we would be united again. Another country and different place – same passion. Unfortunately Heidi had to leave too but she being with us rounded the whole night off. Finally there´ve been only a handful of people left on the dancefloor who wanted to celebrate that night till the dawn would come. We danced deeper in the night and drank to that unbelievable stunning and hardcore show. While we danced to the beats of the night a tiny beam of light suddenly hit the dancefloor. I turned round and saw a shadowy figure slipping through the door of the backstage area. It was Chris doing a slalom through the dancing beauties and disappeared in the dark of the night. Little later Caroline and Alberto left the club too. Giving us a warm hug and saying goodbye till we see each other again the next night.

And as it was particular played only for us „Spit It Out“ echoed through the darkness. This was our sign to leave and get some rest to fill up our energy level for the following show in Belgium. Back in our hotel we didn´t have much power anymore but taking a shower and instantly drifted away into the depths of our dreams.

To be continued….







PICTURES by Racoon Girl


The whole set of pics you´ll find on flickr in a couple of days or check our Facebook page.


VIDEOS by Cross Girl


Mash-Up of the show (including a shot of the photo album)

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