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Noblesse Oblige

We would like to introduce you a little this tours support act “Noblesse Oblige”.


Noblesse Oblige was formed in London by Valerie Renay and Sebastian Lee Philipp.

Noblesse Oblige

VALERIE is a French actress and acts aside from NO as ‘Femme Facade’ and as well appears at several art performances and festivals around the globe.

Noblesse Oblige

SEBASTIAN himself is a German producer for artists and as well he writes soundtracks in his own Berlin based studio as well as he is the second half of ‘Der Räuber und der Prinz’.

As Noblesse Oblige 2006 they released their debut album ‘Privilege Entails Responsibility’ (which is the English translation for their band name) including their now classics in the Independent music scene ‘Bitch’ and ‘Daddy, Don´t Touch Me There’.

2007 they decided to move to Berlin and release their second album ‘In Exile’.

Through this they won an endorsement by the German ministry of Culture and the Russian Steppenwolf Music award.

2010 it was time for their 3rd studio album called ‘Malady’ which they perform partly as IAMX’ support on their ‘Fire and Whispers Tour 2011′.

Noblesse Oblige


Ok this now was the official biography part but now we come to our view on that stunning act.

We did not know anything about them before seeing them live the first time and this was…. let me say…. surprising.

Well I can´t find the right words for it. Let me try to describe the first night we had with them.

It all started in Apeldoorn for IAMX playing there in a very very tiny club. So we´ve been close to the stage and you all know what people think about support acts. They are unwanted in most ways. Usually no one comes to see the support act. Everyone wants to see the main act but support acts belong to the show business. So I heard they are special but I did never expect them to be that special.

They came on stage and I thought ‘OK. Lets see what they can do otherwise I will just endure that and wait for IAMX.’.

I first was a bit surprised cause I did expect something different. I don´t know why and what but it must have been something different than NO really are.

Their outer experience I would describe as african voodoo meets James Dean.

And well how should I describe that music? Exactly like they look like.

They do a percussion performance mixed with sounds from all over the world. Using castanets, ukuleles, drums, horns and rattles combining them with old original voodoo spells and modern electronic music. It´s in a way feeling like tropical fever with exotic instruments and tribal percussions.

Bringing you to another world aside from all you did already know. A mystic world full of the aura of the eighties and new wave.

Their performance is very provocative and rousing but for me I realised that only when I saw them another time the next night.

Seeing them the first time irritates you in a way. Especially when Valerie starts to let her wild and unique inner beast outside screaming these voodoo spells onto the audiences heads and Sebastian drumming like crazy at the end of the show. But they catched me and the madness I had about getting white by flour Valerie throw on us, disappeared the second night. Cause if you saw them once live you will never forget that and you want more. And all people we´ve been talking to after one of their performances were saying the same. First being afraid and doubtful which got replaced by joy and enthusiasm.

After one of the shows we went over to them having a little talk and we realised once more how nice they are and that they are indeed very special and unique. And I wondered how they came to be IAMX’ support act and Valerie told us that they´ve once been IAMX’ support act during a time in the UK. So they got asked again and joined IAMX on most of their shows for this tour. Unfortunately they did not have the chance being everywhere but being busy also with their own projects or as NO themselves on some festivals.

We really hope to see them again one day on one of IAMX’ shows or performing their own show around.

The bottom line is that once more we´ve got to know a wonderful artist enriching our taste in music.





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Favourite song:

‘The Great Electrifier’