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Protected by an unseen power

Le Coliseum, Charleroi (Belgium) – 14.10.2011

Happy about our luck we thought someone might have watched over us that day and wanted us to come here to see that concert. Like being directed from a might which you feel but it will always be unknown but protecting you.“

As I´ve already told you that day started early in London at 5:00 h a.m. and we´ve left the hotel more than in time to get the tube and bus to the airport.

Still flashed and with our heads in the show last night we strayed around in the streets of the awaking London.

Finally we´d reached the bus and took it and it seemed that all may be alright. So I used this time in the bus for a little nap and as I woke up I realised that it would be pretty lean to be in time for the check-in and as we´ve left the bus and ran to our terminal I knew already it would be too late. We´ll miss the plane and all plans for the weekend and the upcoming 2 concerts would be cancelled.

We ran around asked nearly everyone helping us to check in cause we´ve only missed it for 10 minutes. But very fast we saw that no one would ever help us for this flight.

Goodbye plane, goodbye concerts. You could have read it in our faces.

The next plane from London Stansted was at 15:10h. Definately too late to head over to Belgium for the show that night so we used all ressources we had.

Redemtive I heard Triangle Girls voice saying she´s got a flight back to Germany at 14:10h but not from Stansted – from Gatwick.

Immediately we´ve booked that flight online and took another bus to Gatwick.

Well ok… another 3 hours to sleep. At least something good.

For gods sake we had the luck to find that flight.

Nonetheless we´ve reached Cologne at 16:30h and still needed to get a car, get our make-up done and drive to Belgium for 2,5h.

I´ve never been that stressed but I saw a small light glooming at the horizon.

Transformed back into our alter egos we rushed… no we flew over the streets.

I drove like an insane being hunted from a monster or something. Safe but always a bit too fast.

And how else could have it been? Yes we´ve went through traffic jams and construction sites.

My pulse was higher than it would ever be healthy for a normal human being.

I was under high-voltage still thinking about somehow getting to that show but not bringing ourselves into danger.

Finally we reached Charleroi but still under that high-voltage we needed to find a parking lot, checking in in our hotel and find to the venue in time! Impossible… impossible. I don´t know how often I´ve repeated this in my mind. A bit like a mantra.

While we´ve trying to find the hotel we´ve passed several cross-walks and always there have been people on it.

We joked around like: ‘Come on. Walk! Walk! Don´t you know who is inside this car? We´re IAMX fans and we need to go to that concert before it starts!’ The only thing we could have done…. Handling this situation with humor and we did.

So you may not believe but we did it and arrived 10 minutes before IAMX should have entered the stage.

Relieved we saw that Noblesse Oblige were still on stage as we entered the concert hall.

We thought to get a drink and see to find a good view on the stage and we had luck.

Second row a bit aside from the stage.

With our beer in one hand and the deliverance in our bodies we watched the rest of the gig of Noblesse Oblige. Which have been amazing again, even if we´ve only seen the last third of their show. Forcing the people to come into the right mood for the main act of that night. Me I needed that too, cause I was still so tensioned from what we´ve gone through that I needed something to come down from that.

But I know they are as they are always – gorgeous and wonderful.

Happy about our luck we thought someone might have watched over us that day and wanted us to come here to see that concert. Like being directed from a might which you feel but it will always be unknown but protecting you.

I´m not a very spiritual person. Not believing in god but believing in a supernatural might leading us but would never personify it.

As I was there philosophying about that it was time for some ear and eye candy again.

Bernadettes melodies announced the appearance of IAMX on stage in the next seconds and so they did.

There was a thunderous applause as Chris’ strained voice piered through the darkness and pink and blue light enlightened the stage.

And with the refrain the whole crowd started to jump and made the floor quiver with every beat of ‘Into Asylum’.

For ‘Music People’ yellow light circles rushed over our heads asking us to clap and dance with the beats when this rousing song finds its end in an insane drumming orgy.

With a little gesture the theremin released its tunes and ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ craweled into our bodies and Janine who pushes her voice to its highest was again a highlight in this song. I love her voice and how she´s pushing it higher and higher and still staying melodious is an astonishing quality of her.

With ‘My Secret Friend’, ‘Fire and Whispers’, ‘Tear Garden’ und ‘Oh Beautiful Town’ you had some time to pause and enjoy before IAMX took your head and fucked it with ‘Volatile Times’ and ‘Think of England’.

Smashing the beats in your bodies and you once more recognized the excellent acoustic. The sounds have been straight and clear. The voices strong and pushing.

So it seemed the whole audience recognized that too and freaked out for ‘Think of England’. It felt like really everybody in that room sang the lyrics. Like everyone was moving so that the audience pushed the band giving more and vice versa did the band.

Followed by ‘Nature of Inviting’ which led over into ‘Cold Red Light’ that always makes us crazy and insane. And this time we had more space to

dance and bang our heads, to go wild and crazy – so we used it – intense.

For ‘Kiss and Swallow’ i witnessed a short intermezzo between Janine and Chris looking at each other shaking their heads to the beat over their keyboards before the refrain started and a loud “ECHO ECHO” filled the room.

After the break the band came back on stage – so did the crown and the little sound sequence with Alberto seemed to become a fixed part in the show before ‘The Alternative’ starts to play and flashing lights filled the air with little white moments you can see more than usual.

And yet again the concert was over faster than you´d expected it cause ‘Spit it Out’ enlighted the scene in a yellow shine forcing the crowd to manage to summon up their last reserves of strength to give all. And we all did.

We were so sweat out and danced all the stress away we had during that day. All the aggressions we went through. All these hopeless moments were gone replaced by a feeling of pure happiness.

So after the show we´ve decided to stay for a while and drink something.

And we´ve met some known faces as well as new people recognzing us as the girls from IAMX-Tour-Corner.

They asked us about our video and recognized us out of that reason too. In Essen we made that experience first and we thought it´s normal cause we´re in Germany but now people start to recognize us in other countries too. A strange feeling but nice to see who´s reading and watching what we do and that someone overall does and it´s great getting feedback.

When we´ve left Le Coliseum we thought to eat something cause the last thing we ate was in London before we took our flight back to Germany.

Unfortunately it was already that late, that we needed to go to bed hungry.

But we were still fed up with the emotions from the show we did not mind about that.

The only thing I wanted is taking a shower and sleep to be strong enough for the next day in Mons….







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