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Finding Asylum in Essen

Zeche Carl, Essen (Germany) – 08.10.2011

As I stood there watching what goes on on stage I´ve heard Janine saying „Chris?“ „Yes“ „Die sind gut ne? / They´re great, right?“ and Chris answered in a lovable German „Ich stimme dir zu, ja, genau. / I totally agree, yes, right. It seems that there is a lot of family in the house tonight.““

After the last concerts for us in July it was like an eternity since we´ve got the chance breaking out of our cage and now it was time again.

While IAMX already gave some of their concerts during their „Into Asylum Tour“ we tried to not get any glue about the setlist. Expecting there might be new songs in it and perhaps a different order.

So Cross Girl and me we tried to resist not watching any video or reading any comment on one of the concerts before we go to our first one on this tour.

It was hard. Like you really want something and you´re not getting it but you´re close. Only one finger length away.

Cross Girl and me we felt like hungry lions seeing a big pack of fresh meat right in front of us but the chain around our necks is holding us back.

But we knew there´ll be the day to come for us.

Before this we somehow managed releasing our own tour „teaser“ we´ve recorded on friday nights and weekends during 4 weeks before the show in Essen – our first date of our tour.

Saturday morning I woke up very early feeling the excitement in my belly.

I grabbed all my things and went over to Cross Girl to get ourselves ready for the show.

If you paint your faces like we do it feels like you transform into a different person. It´s not us – it´s a different role we play.

Like a second personality only able to come out for one of these shows.

This time we decided to change our make-up a little. We still had our typical marks in our faces but we made it more grungier and dirty. And me I´ve also added feathers to my face.

It was different but still us.

On our way to Essen we´ve collected Triangle Girl and took the train with a sparkly feeling in our bodies.

It felt like you go and meet old friends after a very very long time.

I know I´ve once wrote that in a different report but it is like it is. It really feels like that. Meeting loved family members or good friends coming back from a travel.

Arriving at the location we realised that this would be a small concert.

Reminding us of our very first concert of our trips this year in Apeldoorn.

In the end it was way bigger but the feeling was the same.

While we waited there our new „member“ Cross Girls brother or since friday also known as ‘Black Daddy Bank Nazi’ joined us as well as my boyfriend did.

Happy that we´ve really got to release our video right in time we decided to celebrate it a little with some sparkling wine while we waited in front of the doors.

Mellow by this the doors opened and the mass behind us flood into the arena like a wave rushing in from the stormy sea.

And there it was again this strange feeling of big excitement and incredulity of not believing being here again. Seeing IAMX in some hours live right in front of you.

The stage was tiny and you were close to it only separated from the band by the boxes at the edge of the stage.

And there was a different feeling of excitement cause we knew we would also see our beloved ‘Noblesse Oblige’ again that night.

As they came on stage they did what we´ve expected. They’ve heated us up – chasing away our angularity out of our bones. It was such a joy seeing them again after such a long time.

And we couldn´t do anything else then singing along their songs, dancing and enjoying the show they performed right in front of our faces.

During one song Cross Girl and me looked at each other and we both saw our confusion in our eyes about what song is starting there on stage and as we realised that they played a remix of „The Great Electrifier“ we yelled and sung as loud as we could. It´s one of our favourites.

And as this wasn´t the only surprise Noblesse Oblige played another song which we really did not know cause as we heard Valerie said that this new song they´ve recorded it during the tour.

It was awesome.

With adrenaline in our veins the last minutes before the show passed by like years.

Time can be sticky like a chewing gum.

But then the lights turn off and the first tunes of ‘Into Asylum’ started.

Chris who’d injured his foot painfully in Paris carried on Bretts hands settled down on a bar stool and we all thought ok if he can´t move what kind of show should that be then?

I mean you know Chris and the band as a very impulsive, emotional and moving bulk and now you see Chris handicapped sitting on this bar stool.

The performance of ‘Into Asylum’ started a bit restrained but powerful by Chris screaming into his megaphone. And already for ‘Music People’ you recognized that this show will be anything but not restrained.

Chris and the band gave their best making all out of this situation.

And they did.

For ‘Nightlife’ you still saw Chris sitting on his stool but could feel that this wouldn´t last long cause for ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ he lifted himself from his chair as much as he could. Trying to stand on one leg and jumping around.

‘Ghosts of Utopia’ followed by ‘My Secret Friend’ came up with the right atmosphere to come down a little and Chris sitting on his chair wrapping us up into a warm and terribly sweet wallet of pink and blue light and with a „Ihr seid süss / You´re sweet“ Chris led over into the red inferno of ‘Fire and Whispers’ which caught me emotinally that hard, that I really needed to control myself not to overcome in tears.

This song always reminds me of Prague where we´ve heard it as the first song of the sketches to „Volatile Times“ last year in Ocotober.

And as this was not enough this song was approproately followed by ‘Tear Garden’ where Chris turned around to Alberto standing up and giving all in this wild drumming scene they do for that song.

But when I turned my head left to Janine I recognized that Caroline has left her drumming kit to accompony Janine for that part of the song on some drums behind her.

And IAMX came up with another highlight ‘Oh Beautiful Town’. For this you saw Chris crawling to the back of the set sitting down on a low stool and the room was filled with blue light. Leading you into this melodious sounds of ‘Oh Beautiful Town’. Giving you goose-pimples all over and this brought me another time close to tears. So I closed my eyes seeking up these emotions and enjoying this song like I would travel a foreign country the first time. Discovering it with my ears like I wouldn´t have it already heard it that often on the record.

After that the room was flood in a red and orange light.

As I stood there watching what goes on on stage I´ve heard Janine saying „Chris?“ „Yes“ „Die sind gut ne? / They´re great, right?“ and Chris answered in a lovable German „Ich stimme dir zu, ja, genau. / I totally agree, yes, right. It seems that there is a lot of family in the house tonight.“

While he said that I’ve watched him in front of his new toy – an iPad. His suicidal iPad as he said cause his new app wouldn´t work as he wanted to and after a little break in that dark red light ‘Volatile Times’ started but not as we were used to it. They played the ‘IAMseX Unfall Rework’ from their last single release to that song.

As Cross Girl and me we did not knew about that we were extremely surprised that they played this version and my god its fucking awesome. It really is and it´s so much more powerful than the studio version on the record.

Followed by ‘Think of England’, ‘Nature of Inviting’, ‘Cold Red Light’ and ‘Kiss and Swallow’, 4 that powerful songs where I thought ok I would die of a breaking neck. And handicapped Chris jumped around on stage, drumming on all the available drums like as he had two healthy feet.

After that we needed a little break and they came up with ‘Bernadette’.

A song we´ve wished to hear and our wishes somehow became a secret command.

For that song some fans from Bosnia screamed out of the audience that they love IAMX in their country and Janine as well as Chris invited them to come on stage to sing ‘Bernadette’ with them.

But well I guess they´ve been that overwhelmed that they couldn´t even sing any word as they were on stage in front of all these excited faces waiting for what comes next.

And they´ve all been excited for a good reason cause then something came which no one expected.

First Chris fell of his stool in the back of the set and then sitting on the floor with his drink but coming back to it and playing a new sound sequence and Chris asked Alberto for his „beautiful voice“ – immediately his remarkable soft voice filled the room for a moment.

And if I´m not wrong it was a sequence of Albertos project VIOLENTA.

It surprised me another time. I mean I´ve often heard him now singing in some songs as a second voice but never heard him singing on his own. Unfortunately it was a short snippet but a wonderful one leading over into ‘The Alternative’ where Chris had a vodka-sprite surprise for thirsty Triangle Girl spitting it out on our heads but most on her.

After the ‘The Alternative’ my personal head-shot song ‘Bring Me Back A Dog’ echoed through the yellow lights. And if I mean head-shot – I mean it. During I’ve banged my head around I´ve several time hit the boxes in front of me with my forehead but nevermind nothing more than a bruise came up on my forehead. While we were banging our heads like propellors you could have seen Chris on the floor rolling around crawling to the mindbending beats of that song.

What else could follow to that then ? Yes ‘Spit It Out’ which one more time made the audience scream and move, jump and dance.

After that I thought ok. Once more this was it. The show is over as surprisingly the band came on stage again to make the audiences arms move to ‘President’. And at the end of this song you recognized Alberto expecting more as he sat down on one of the speakers in front of me looking at Caroline but recognizing that this really was the end of this show.

With a big rush of adrenaline and pupils as big as the moon we´ve left the location directly to go back to Cologne.

This time we had a driver- Thank you! So we had time to talk and talk about the show and come down from this mind beating experience we´ve rushed through that night.






P.S.: A special thanks goes to my boyfriend who took most of the pictures in that show.





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VIDEOS by Cross Girl

‘Oh Beautiful Town’

‘Bernadette’ feat. fans from Bosnia

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  1. Heidi Says:

    One year of madness? First year of madness!

    Once again: Thank you so much ITC! Thank you Soren, and thank you Simon!

    Still you can surprise with your words and pics. As inspiring as your and my inspiration :-). I love it!!!

  2. Sioux Krause Says:

    This is the first of your posts I’ve read since finally getting to see IAMX for the first (and second) time! Before it was great to read them because it helped me to imagine how amazing it would be to actually be there – and now it is even more fun to read them because I can now recognize so many of the moments you are describing! Your description is so great – you really know how to express what it is like to be there and experience it! I cried through Oh Beautiful Town also – it was just so beautiful and overwhelming live. I cried through the first 3-4 songs at my first show in London because I was just so overwhelmed to finally be seeing them right in front of me after I had been waiting for so many years! Thank you so much for this – and all of your wonderful reports – that help bring the magic of an IAMX show to life in my mind while I’m reading it! I hope that some day we will get to be at the same show again – maybe here in the U.S.!! XXX

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