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Spread the word about “Bernadette”

Dear beauties,

today IAMX released their long awaited 2nd single from their recent album “Volatile Times”.

BERNADETTE is it called and tells a story about “a person of  great importance to me.”,  Chris says. “A child of  the infinite and a woman I will always adore. The timeless Bernadette. Curious., fragile, stubborn, beautiful, demonic.  And in need of  a little protection.”


Beauties and secret lovers go and spread the word about BERNADETTE.

Show it to your family and friends and make them go and spread the word too.


GERMAN Version (Translation by Chris Corner and Janine Gezang)

For more words go >> here <<

And don´t forget to purchase the audio tracks and videos at IAMX.eu if you like Bernadette.




One Response to “Spread the word about “Bernadette””

  1. anne Says:

    I’ve already posted it on my blog, fb page, google + page..
    You rock Chris… you are really the most underated genius of our time.


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