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Madness à la folie

Les Francofolies de Spa, Belgium – 22.07.2011

“After Louis Bertignac left the stage the masses disappeared in all directions and all who were left were us IAMX fans in the front row. Like flotsam and jetsam left in the groynes at low tide.”

Spa…. well….. Spa…. I didn´t expect anything from this and all I can say now looking back is that this show really fucked our heads after all we´ve already seen.

Ok but you´ll understand why if you continue reading ….

The day of the show we three girls needed to work in the morning and it all was a bit unsure when we really could start cause we did not know when Triangle Girl could finish her job to join us.

So Cross Girl and me we prepared ourselves in her flat waiting for Triangle Girls call. Right in time all went well and we started to drive down to Belgium.

Arriving in the area of Spa we parked our car outside of the city and took a shuttle bus to the inner part of Spa. The bus driver was driving way too fast through the winding roads which led to the place of joy for that night.

Bumped along we were greeted with barbecue and popcorn smell. The whole place looked like a fair and smiling faces everwhere.

Spa is a little contemplative Belgian city with small ancient houses crowded close to each other in the midst of the wallonian hills.

The flair there reminded us directly of our first trip together to Namur about nearly one year ago.

On our way to find the right stage we crossed the way of the  IAMX’ tour busses. While we were standing there directly in front of these busses, it must have been looking like we´ve been shy roe deers looking for shelter while we were searching for the right direction.

All looked like a big mess. People everwhere thousands signs leading in all directions and we were in the middle of all that with our make-up lookin like we´re from outer space. Not even my French brought us further on but somehow we found the right way, getting our wristbands to enter.

Our discreet day make-up distracted the security guys from everything and nearly from controlling whether we´re really allowed to enter.

Already a big bunch of people were crowded in front of the stage to see Louis Bertignac who seemed to be pretty known and popular in these francophile countries. The audience sang, danced and clapped during his show. At this time I already aimed that this night may become something brilliant.

After Louis Bertignac left the stage the masses disappeared in all directions and all who were left were us IAMX fans in the front row. Like flotsam and jetsam left in the groynes at low tide.

Continuously the place in front of the stage got crowded again. The stage itself was high so that from every corner you could have had a great view on the stage.

The place was overcrowded and you could feel the impatience of the Belgian audience.

The lights on stage turned on and the madness took its course.

Janine was the first followed by the rest of the band. She wore a black longhair wig reminding me of Mortisha Adams from ‘The Adams Family’.

Chris came on stage last , stepping to the edge with wide opened arms bathing himself in the adoration the crowd did send out to him and the band.

Affection and warmth was in the air and it felt like being in a cosy place where no one could ever hurt you and never would.


Already through ‘Music People’ I felt I would get more crazy than I´ve ever been during a show. I don´t know why but something pushed me hard to give more than I did so far.

Right in front of us, Alberto took position on the edge at a big speaker heating up the audience asking them to scream and shout with a little gesture.

And the audience did set Spa on fire.

Chris himself was very talkative and grateful for the persistent support of the Belgian fans and he did comment on that several times during the show.

With these words in our heads the stomping beats of ‘Nightlife’ began and we went already crazy. I mean we usually need only the first songs to really heat up to 1.000% but it felt like someone turned the power on and brought us directly on 10.000%.

It felt like adrenaline flashed across my body in the search of finding a place to break out and it found its way by letting me shake my hands, arms, legs, head and whatever else. We really lost control over ourselves by being into the song and the music.

Amused I recognized the poor shocked security guy being in front of us watching these crazy girls freaking out completely.


Being that flashed and feeling to need a little break ‘My Secret Friend’ came to release ourselves a little and let us come down for a little while swimming in these swinging slightly melancholic melodies before we´ve been sent to the ‘Tear Garden’.

And Cross Girl and me we´ve been really close to tears. In our heads a movie played with all these amazing moments we´ve been gone through this year. Like people say the moment before you feel to die you see your life as a movie rushing by… It felt like this…. not cause we were close to die… ok perhaps proverbial…. but we were that overwhelmed and needed to control ourselves not to cry cause you all know – our make-up.

Still emotional we were torn out of our melancholy into madness again by ‘Think of England’ crawling into our ears and the rest of our body taking control about us.


And as if this wasn´t enough after that we did not have any time to rest cause ‘Bring me back a dog’ fucked up our heads and we thought it might not get better but it would!

After ‘Nature of Inviting’ ended the real madness went round again.

Before it turns over to ‘Cold Red Light’ Chris pushed down Alberto while drumming holding back his head and pushing it up and down to the beats.

I took my head up when I heard the version of ‘Cold Red Light’ they started to play and as you all know this song is what makes us lose our minds.

And I still don´t find any word for what happened then. I mean the only thing I can do is to explain it but it may never ever explain what was going on inside us.

Nearly at the end of the song Chris turned down the sounds and the song went slower till it only was a bit like a background sound when Christ went back to the edge of the stage. With a ” We would like to thank the Belgians… here…. tonight.” The crowd started to scream and yell and Chris tried to bring them down with a  ”Wait wait wait!” continuing “You have supported this project so much… It´s unbelievable. We have to stop!” And all people were like…’What´s happening now?’. Chris remained silent turning his back to the crowd, turning back saying “We have to do this again because I think YOU deserve it!” and with a “We love you very much.” The madness started all over again!

“But we need a bit more passion from you now.!” Chris forced the audience to send all their power to the stage and it all went crazy.


IAMX wanted more by cheering us by “I want to see every hand! Move! It´s not enough! MORE MORE MORE!”

We gave them all we could.  We lost control! So did the band and Chris jumped down the stage into the audiences hands grabbing for him.

Back on stage they played ‘Kiss and Swallow’ followed by ‘President’.

Which made the audiences arms moving left and right looking like a waving cornfield on a stormy evening.

After ‘President’ IAMX left the stage and all people thought ok this must have been the end of the show but me I thought that it´s not… The lights were still on…. Sounds were still playing…. they will come back on stage. ‘ They’ll come back. ‘ I whispered to Cross Girl who only said ‘ No this was the end of the show cause they played ‘Cold Red Light’ twice so they did shorten the setlist.’ But I was sure they would come back and they did accompanied by the yelling audience.

They entered the stage the second time this night and Chris carryied something with him which we girls didn´t have on our minds all the show by being out of control.

He came back on stage with our crown under his arm putting it on and directly starting to play ‘The Alternative’. Time for Alberto to leave the stage.


Leave the stage? Why? Cause it was time for him to have a little walk.

Where? …. On the audiences hands.

It was crazy and I did enjoy this moment with him being happy for him having the chance to do that mad walk.

Back on stage a girl threw up her bra and Alberto was obviously very amused about that hiding it under his shirt.

Again that frightening moment came when you recognize in some minutes it´s all over.

‘Spit It Out’ marked one more time the end of the show – this brilliant head-fucking show.

And the audience didn´t want them to leave too…. Cause when the lights finally turned out all you could hear was ‘booooh’…. For desperately wanting them back on stage going wild and mad again…..

This show left me speechless… I wanted to say something and I opened my mouth but there was only silence leaving me. No word passed my lips….

Paralyzed we went out to drink something and get back to our car driving home by knowing that there´ll be a break now till we´re on the road again in October.

But knowing it´s not the last time this year we turned the speakers on as loud as we could singing along the road never wanting to leave this night……




P.S.: There´ll be a video by Cross Girl but she did only record during the first 3 songs but being overwhelmed by this show forgetting everything around her – forgetting her camera too.



Setlist Spa


PICTURES by Racoon Girl

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VIDEOS by Cross Girl

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  1. Lisa Says:

    It was the most fucked up mad show ever! Really! it was insane! :D
    Especially during cold red light!
    and haha, i also knew they’d come back!
    ps: i’m the girl you saw both at dour & spa :)

  2. shine Says:

    As usual, so beautiful pictures!!

    I’m waiting for Saturday Mons fever in October!


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