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The sun and the rainfall

Nordstern Festival, Hamburg (D) – 09.07.2011

”  Janines face was covered with silver sparkly particles. Her remarkable face sparkled in the sun which broke through the clouds in the right time when IAMX entered the stage. It was like a sign from above to put things right from Blackfield Festival. “

Exactly to the day 3 month ago, we´ve already been in Hamburg for IAMX playing their crazy theatre in Hamburgs red-light district.

Friday before the festival Cross Girl and me we met at our job to get to the meeting point for our lift. After 4 hours by car we arrived in Hamburg but our hostess was still on the way. So we decided to find something to eat and ended up at an italian restaurant close to the central station.

While we waited for our ordered food we sat there and accidentially our friend Heidi passed by. I mean Hamburg is such a big city and like it was supposed to be like this we met her. After a little talk Heidi went on to the Martkhalle for the pre-festival party. We decided to have a little walk instead and decided to have a look at the location for the festival the next day.

We went to the city park having a watch out for the location. It was already pretty dark and the park was way too sinister. Shadows everywhere and eerie figueres passing by. And it was a better decision to leave that place and come back to the middle of Hamburgs city.

To finish that day we decided to get some red wine and get some rest in our shelter.

After a short night we woke up early and couldn´t believe that that night again we´re going to see them live.

The fever inside me rose from minute to minute and reached it first highest point while getting our make-up done.

This time we decided to change it a little. It was a special day. We´ve still got the show at Blackfield Fesitval in our minds and we were in joyful expectation for the evening performance. We already had a good feeling rushing through our veins. Euphoric we entered the streets of Hamburg to get to the venue.

Still a bit worn-out from the past grey and rainy festival – where I caught a big flu with high fever – we were prepared for every weather capriole.

With the sun burning on our heads we reached the festival area and met a nice pair from Israel who only came for VNV Nation’s show that night. We had a talk for a while to them and it was interesting to see how bands were treated in Israel. How hard and expensive it is for bands to play a gig there. I was surprised and did never imagine that. So it´s a sure thing that these fans are craving for festivals like nordstern festival to bring a bunch of bands together in one place.

Nordstern festival, so far as I know, took place this time the first time and with this in the back of our minds you can say the organisators did a great job.

Well we went in and you saw a big space in front of the stage and thought this might be the photographer´s pit and we followed the other ones to the second fencing-off. One of the security guys came to Cross Girl and me asking like, now that you´ve been waiting there for the front row, why are you in the second one? The second one? What? We immediatly took up position in the front row.

Happy in heart to be closer to the stage now we were ready to see the first bands.

And we immediately recognized that the sound was faboulous (ok some exceptions which I will tell you about later and which were not at the expense of the organisators).

The first bands haven´t really been our cup of tea but then Combichrist entered the stage and it started to rain. Heavily! We´ve already been waiting for the rain the whole day cause big grey clouds passed by and only slight rain fell to earth but right in the moment they started their heavy cabinet hard rain banged our heads. Protecting ourselfs Cross Girl and me we discovered this very unique band. And I got an answer to a question which was in my head for a longer time. What comes out if you put Rammstein, Marilyn Manson and heavy guitar drum electro sounds into one big pot and mix it up the right way? Yes Combichrist.

So how should I describe that show now?

Ah yes quietly and now we get back to what I said about the sound at the festival. Right before the show of them the volume was turned down and the whole arena screamed for more loud beats. So Andy (vocals) turned the floor speakers to the audience. It was way better but didn´t help at all. During the show the weather changed between bright sun and heavy rain. Still fascinated by the guitarist which isn´t usually member of the band itself we did not really recognize the rain drops. The whole show was a crazy cabinet of… well …. I think you really should get your own impression of them. You should go and see one of their shows in your area.

Ah yes what I did forget. During Combichrist were on stage we saw Chris and co. right next to the stage watching their friends heating up the audience.

And they did.

Filled with adrenalin and excited anticipation we covered our heads with a rain poncho I carried with me to protect our transitory make-up till the show.

Cross Girl and me, we’re like wild animals, in chains waiting to come free to hunt for what we´re craving for. Waiting to let out our passion to the beats of IAMX’ souldance on stage. Seconds before the show you feel like you need to explode, you don’t know what to do with your energy till ‘Music People’ starts. Which is like a stopcock opening to let all the pressure spreading out.

The show begins.

Alberto and Caro entered the stage followed by Janine who was fascinating me more than ever. Janines face was covered with silver sparkly particles. Her remarkable face sparkled in the sun which broke through the clouds in the right time when IAMX entered the stage. It was like a sign from above to put things right from Blackfield Festival. This show was the exactly opposite.


As they all entered the stage you could feel their excitement and them being guarded hoping taht everything goes right after their last show. I can tell you they did. They really played the madness.

After ‘Music People’ and ‘Nightlife’ you recognized the tension disappearing and you could see the joy coming back to their faces.

And the crazyness came back into their show. Playing it wild and mad.

I don´t remember which song it was when Chris did a somersault landing on his back laying down in the grass and you could see the sun warming his face.

While he was on the grass he started to crawl up the hill on his back. Turning around getting up and whirling around on stage.




It was time to get to a little slower part of the show.

At the end of ‘My Secret Friend’ Chris started to sing in German and smiling by saying ‘ I should´ve started with it earlier?’. It´s always warming my heart listening Chris singing German.

For ‘Tear Garden’ Chris came closer to the audience using stairs leading right to the mass. One big raindrop fell on his head before, then running down his forehead straight over his left eye and as he came closer it looked like real tears were running down.

This moment now was for me like in slow motion. I still can see his black dyed tears rolling down slowly when he came down the stairs singing ‘Tear Garden’. Somehow it looked like being literally. It touched me.

But before becoming too emotional I remember one moment during ‘Nature of Inviting’ . I still have Cross Girls voice in my ear singing ‘That’s the nature of fucking inviting. Ja maaaaaan.’ This was epic and this is Cross Girl.

And he wore our crown again. This time spiced up with a light blue and pink feather something. It´s wonderful to see he still loves our crown after now 3 month.


And immediately I was spurred to shake my head, singing out loud and going crazy there.

Oh it must be so funny to see how we rock in the front row. How we throw our heads around like propellers. And you can see wide opened eyes screaming for more of what is going on on stage. You really forget about the other ones around you. It´s only you and what´s going on on stage. We´re so into the performance that we can´t restrain ourself than to just wave around, sing and dance like crazy.

Which leads me over back to the show itself.

For ‘The Alternative’ the real madness began.

Trevor and Joe from Combichrist entered the stage and Chris welcomed them with a warm ‘Please, some expert percussionists.’ handing over his drum sticks and the madness broke free. They were  drumming like crazy  Janine was jumping around with her guitar and Alberto went that crazy at the end that he threw away his percussion drum set. Like you want it crazy – you´ll get it crazy. Such a priceless moment.

To describe this show I remember a sentence I saw on a shirt of an IAMX crew member: “We love the madness.”

OH YES WE DO! This is why we come to see IAMX’ shows. To get wild and crazy for at least a limited time like 1-2 hours and to break free out of our normal lifes.

Very thirsty after that show we went out to get something to drink and in a distance we watched a little the show of VNV Nation.

And during the show of VNV Nation we recognized about why the volume was turned down. Some neighbours, the festival was in a big parc, so which neighbours? Yes some neighbours called the police complaining about the volume. This is ridiculous. But that´s the way it goes.

As we walked around with our friend Heidi she discovered Caroline in a quiet corner. So she went over to have a little talk. We joined them for a moment too before we finally left the area to eat something with Heidi and then getting back home to get some sleep after that long exhausting day.

The next morning we met Heidi again to have some breakfast together in Hamburgs city and talk about the show the night before.

…. to be continued….






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  1. Heidi Says:

    It’s truly unbelievable, but you are still surprising me.
    Your reports are so amazing. Wow!!!!
    I know I do repeat myself, but unlike you I can’t find so many new words ;-). Thank you once more!

  2. Sandrine Says:

    Wouah! Fantastic video!!
    Many thanks

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