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In bed with IAMX

Das Bett, Frankfurt (DE) – 21.04.2011

“The stage was so much smaller than we imagined it to be and we felt being transported back on how we started this tour in Apeldoorn. And I can still hear us saying: “Oh my god. This is how we started our tour. We thought the show in Apeldoorn was small and close but this one….! Can´t believe that.”"

Well let me start with a little funny episode in our hotel experiences. We booked a 4* hotel in Frankfurts bureau city and thought ok 4*, why not having this to finish our tour through Germany. Well is it standard in 4* hotels that you can´t open the windows/doors to the balcony or that the air-conditioner is not working properly if there are 50°C in the room? XD

Well I think it isn´t but this was our room and now imagine our nights we´ve spent there. But there is something which puts it right in a way:

The excitement you feel waking up in the morning knowing that this night you will see IAMX live even if this show will be the last one for a longer time.

The day before the show we arrived in Frankfurt and we thought to have a look at the location first. And did you once have been there?  ’Das Bett’ is not small it’s not tiny – it is minute. So we knew why they called it ‘Das Bett’ (engl.: The bed). From outside it didn`t look bigger than that.

Back in our hotel we realised that the next night ‘we will be in bed with IAMX’. Yes I know this is a corny joke but I couldn´t resist. You wouldn´t as well ;)

So back to the story.

Before getting ready for the show we went out taking some refreshment with good hand made italian pasta.

Full with energy we went out through Frankfurts city to the location where we knew we will meet our so far biggest fan ‘Heidi’. She´s such a lovely woman. Really so sweet and crazy in a way. But I know, no one can be crazier than we are.

The location was very well equipped with benches but it was a hot and sunny day so we decided to wait a bit off the doors.

We saw a tree with 2 benches underneath and we went over there. Sitting down we recognized that the 2 people who were sitting there already were Reza (IAMX management) and Caroline. We were pretty surprised and tried not to be too insistent and so it came that we got into conversation with them. Reza is a really nice guy and sure always busy this is why he left us very fast but Caroline stayed a while talking to us. She´s a very nice person and so down to earth. She asked me to send her some pictures of her later when I´m through them, cause she wanted them for her page on Facebook. I was really honoured and happy about it. It was a joy to talk to her and we got to know that since we gave Chris our crown he has it with him every time. It seems he really is into our crown. Such a praise! I really can only repeat myself. This is such a praise!

Caroline then left us for the soundcheck or an interview and we were alone outside again. Relaxing in the cooling shadows of this bloomy tree waiting for the show that night.

After Caroline disappeared we were witness of a pretty amusing scene. Alberto and the nice guy from the merch stand (and I still don´t know his name :( ) came outside in the sun and Alberto opened his little mobile barber shop cutting hair. They later asked us as well for a little hand mirror so Alberto needs to increase his little mobile barber shop equipment. Sorry Alberto for that little joke ;)

You don´t believe me? Here`s a proof!

Albertos little mobile barber shop

As fast as they came they disappeared again but later Alberto came back to sit aside from us on an other bench plunking away on his guitar – enjoying the time in the sun.

A little later we decided to change over to the benches right in front of the location. There we met our friends Simone and Daniel which we met already in Cologne.

Cause of being so hot outside I drank more than I wanted and you all know what comes in needs to come out sometime. So I asked one of the guys from the location whether it´s possible to use their toilet. I mean I thought they may say no, cause the soundcheck inside was already running. Against my doubts he allowed me to go in.

Before I opened the door I thought there will be like a separated room before the main floor but it wasn´t. I opened the door and was standing directly in front of the stage. In the middle of the darkness only seeing slight light and Carolines little red light was breaking the darkness.

Wandering around in the darkness I heard my name with a very known voice. It was Alberto helping me to find the right way. I was a bit surprised about him knowing my name. Relieved and back in the sun it was soon time to take position in front of the doors. While we waited there our dearest friends Meike and Ina joined us again and in that short time we really got like a little fan family. Really wonderful and great that Heidi joined our family as well.

Before we come to the main part of our report I want to make clear that I really try very hard to find the right words for what we felt and experienced. And you all know that we do but it´s definately not possible to find the true clear right words, cause there is no language which could ever express it right.

And now lets see whether I can transport this feelings to our report.

When they opened the door it was me who entered the room as the first and I was surprised about the size that now I could see in a better light. The room really was tiny and minute. The stage was so much smaller than we imagined it to be and we felt being transported back on how we started this tour in Apeldoorn. And I can still hear us saying: “Oh my god. This is how we started our tour. We thought the show in Apeldoornwas  small and close but this one….! Can´t believe that.”

I mean in Apeldoorn we´ve been directly in front of stage but this was like being on stage. So close directly in the drums, on the speakers, in the keyboards. Like being part of it all.

The stage first was covered with a big white screen and due to a lack of technical possibilities ‘Noblesse Oblige’ were not able to support IAMX. Instead of them we could benefit from a show done by a local artist projecting his art on the screen. It was nice in a way but not fitting the concept of a support band and due to the fact of being so close to the scene we could not see anything right from the projections.

Soon before IAMX would make this night unforgettable for us they took of the screen and we now could gain an overview of the whole stage.

Janine did not have any place for a little rostrum for her keyboard, Chris’ drums were directly in front of us and Alberto and Caroline have been so close together that they needed to take care to not get in their way.

This was crazy. Only a handful of people could be in the front row.

And nearly in time the beats of ‘Music People’ filled the room with excitement and my blood with a rush of adrenalin. My body nearly started to move without me thinking about it.

The band came on stage greeting the audience in joyful exuberance ruffeling the audiences heads and hair.

And Chris started to beat the drums which I first was afraid of them being too loud by being so close to our heads but it was very well balanced and the sound was incredible. Once more I recognised ‘Music People’ bringing so much energy to the audience. You feel their energy waving to the stage from the back of the room breaking on the stage like the sea breaking in the surf. It felt like the energy was foaming like sea spray finding its highlight in the drumming psychosis which leads ‘Music People’ to its end.


For my personal favourite of their new album, Chris positioned himself right in front of me performing ‘Volatile Times’. To follow the songs suit let me say it like that: ‘Every hand was raised but we’re not tired’. Hmm…. was that good? Ah… nevermind.

It´s always great to be in that song. It raises in itself to come down again for a slow part to smash over back to the energetic refrain.

After being back in the ‘Nightlife’ we went over to ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ where I recognised the great acoustic in that little room. You could hear the audiences voices smashing forward on the stage developing their size in the hot air. The audience was dancing and screaming “This is psychosis” out loud and sending their adoration with their waving arms. It looked a bit like high grass waving around in a stormy day.

If you watched the stage carefully you could see Janine dancing to the beats at her keyboards enjoying this song. It also was a pleasure observing her singing the backing vocals and listen her voice pushing forward in the last little corners of the room.


Now Chris uncovered his face from his wonderful veil giving us time to rest a little from the stormy times of ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ and playing ‘My Secret Friend’, ‘Tear Garden’ and ‘I Salute You Christopher’.

Ah what I forgot to tell you. This time Chris did not only cover his face with this nice embroidered veil he covered his lips by sticking golden paillettes on it. It´s something I need to keep in mind for the next time ;) but I am not sure whether it´s such a good idea cause before he started to sing ‘Tear Garden’ he took one off with a short “You must be careful sticking those things on your lips.” and flipping the paillette right into Cross Girls direction and immediately the well known beats of ‘Tear Garden’ started. And healing rain fell from the roofs filling the walls with white drops.

During that song I recognised once more the great symbiosis between Chris’ and Albertos drumming. It´s matched so well.

Did I mention how great it is to be so close to the scene and it’s hard to not take one of the drumsticks, drumming with them or just do it with your hands. It´s a temptation which you need to resist from and we did. Being so close means to see every little movement in their facial expression. Seeing every glance and every little mischievous smile.


After the rain it was time to set the stage on fire.

Since Berlin I recognised Chris not wearing his big white veil for ‘Fire and Whispers’ which is great cause you now can watch his face burning in the lights so much better. During the refrain Chris had a little text stumbler but he took it good-humouredly, laughing about it with a little “Early days.”.

Since that tour I love ‘Bring Me Back A Dog’ so much more. These drums, beats and sounds. God they drive me crazy and perhaps it has also something to do with the fact that we handed over our crown in Berlin during that song. These beats are pushing me forward, turning the lights out in my head, bringing my crazy beast outside making me shake my head like crazy.

You all know what comes next, right?

Yes, righ in time for ‘Nature of Inviting’ Chris wore our crown and I still don´t find any word what to say to that. Really I don´t know how to describe it properly. So I give up!

For ‘Nature of Inviting’ I´m always impressed about the theremine. I wish to once try that great instrument myself and make some noise.


During one song – sorry I actually don´t remember which one – Alberto had some problem with his guitar mounting and he decided to make the best out of it by sitting down on one speaker, keeping on playing. IAMX really know how to handle troubles. This is for sure!

For ‘President’ Chris and Alberto turned into conductors leading the audiences arms by instructing them with a “Side to side. Move down. Left right – left right.” And the audience obeyed every word waving their arms around turning the room into a sea of hands.

To calm this stormy sea down IAMX came up with ‘Bernadette’ (German version) and I experienced something again which I had during some other songs that night. I recognised Janine watching me and Cross Girl enjoying the show and for some moments there´s been an interaction with her. This is such a gorgeous feeling. Seeing how the artist watching the audiences joy and interacting directly. So for ‘The Alternative’ Janine came to the front of the stage with her mischievous smile rocking with her guitar to the front row.


During the show itself they decided to colour the stage a little with colourful confetti in all colours of the rainbow and this is something which is still in my mind. The empty stage covered with those flittering paper reflecting the multiple feelings I had and still have in my chest when I think back to that great show and shows we´ve been going through.

But now that we´ve been dancing our shoes off we needed something to assimilate our experiences and we went to the bar getting something to drink. We searched for a bit silent place aside of the stage. Standing there or sitting on the edge of the stage coming down after that sweaty show. Later we decided to buy some posters which we already bought but lost on our flight from Berlin to Munich and it was the best decission we could have done. Why? You´ll get to know that in some sentences.

First we met another fan which is also called ‘Heidi’ but it´s a different one and she is also so nice. I mean all IAMX fans are so wonderful and now we´ve got another family member. Yes our little family is growing.

So let me come back to the posters. While the crew already dismantled, the instruments the door right next to the stage opened and Alberto walked right towards us. And we had a very short talk to him while he signed our posters with a “Thank you for everything. Alberto”. This is really great and it makes me happy that they appreciate the work we do for them. I´ve also sent him some pictures after the show.

With an incredible feeling about the concerts and the experiences in our chest we were happy to come back home and sad of not having a concert the next days. But it´s till not over. We can look forward on some festivals and I am sure other shows to come.

This means….

…. to be continued









PICTURES by Racoon Girl

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VIDEOS by Cross Girl

3 Responses to “In bed with IAMX”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Good morning, girls!

    This is so amazing, once more! Reading the reports of the gigs that I could not visit has always been great. But reading this is an other experience as I have been there. You are really wonderful writers and I can assure everyone that you are catching every moment in a brilliant way!
    And the phrase “But I know, no one can be crazier than we are.” is too cute :-D.

    Have a real cool time! Your “biggest fan” Heidi

  2. Ina Says:

    Hey girls,

    just came back to re-read your fabulous report of the concert (needed a short break from working) – thanks again for sharing your love and passion with us, you cannot imagine how much this means to us :-) See you soon!

  3. Emma Says:


    I am so amazed by this report. It must’ve been the most awesome experience. I hope I’ll get to “tour with IAMX” like you girls did. And I’m sure all the band members appreciate the work that you do.

    As for the crown, he wore it at the Beck’sperience concert I attended in June and I want to tell you that you did a wonderful job, it suits him perfectly :-)

    Kindest regards, Emma.

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