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God give a little love…

Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin (DE) – 14.04.2011

“Oh god I´m so excited my heart is exploding. I don´t know what to do first.”

Back from Hamburg me I was working for another 2 days before we headed over to Berlin. On our way back from Hamburg Cross Girl stayed in her hometown for the last goodbye to her beloved grandmother so only Triangle Girl and me we took the plane to Berlin.

A thank you goes out to Karli and Julia which have been so wonderful to give us shelter in Berlin.

Cross Girl joined us later that day and we went out to eat something in a crazy restaurant which Triangle Girl chose for us. It was a joy to sit there waiting for something to kill your hunger and watching all that crazy stuff on the walls, the roof, floor and just everywhere. Later that night we discovered that IAMX officially posted our video we made and thanked us for our creative support.


What an amazing feeling seeing that you´re appreciated and recognized by the artist your heart is beating for. This meant that the night before the show in IAMX’ so to speak hometown was a bit more sleepless – at least for me. The morning of the show was really relaxed all we did was sleeping long and preparing for the show. And preparing this time did not only mean to be getting dressed up and our make-up done. We got something very special with us. A gift to say thank you for Chris’ gift he made us in Hamburg.

Back in Cologne we thought to make something special. But what?

I was stumbed but Cross Girl had the great idea to make a crown for Chris. I guess she was inspired by ‘I Salute You Christopher’. I instantly loved the idea and even if I did not have time for those extra stuff I went out to buy all the things I needed to prepare this crown. And with some extra time during the night I was ready in time and took the crown with me in my handluggage. By the way pretty funny having those things in your handluggage when you need to show that at the airport during they control your handluggage.

Our crown

OK back to the story ….

After preparing and having all right we disappeard in the trouble of the big “B” and appeared again at the right station for the ‘Astra’. And again there´ve been very known faces. Lovely Annette (remember we met her in Hamburg) was there as well wiht her her friend Anne. Time is relative I once heard and this is it…. If you have nice people to talk to and have fun while waiting seconds, hours and minutes are nothing. A little later some other nice people joined us talking till the doors opened. It was very relaxed and calmed down. And sure you all know where we´ve been – front row. Why do you always ask? Our friend Ina from Landau joined us as well when we were already inside. It´s always a bit like coming home seeing the same nice people… Feels like a little family already. It´s wonderful.

Before ‘Noblesse Oblige’ entered the stage a security guy asked me for my photo pass – which I had and asked me how long I may be allowed to take picrtures. It often depends of the location but while the professional photographers were only allowed to do their job during the first three songs I was allowed to take pictures the whole show. This made me really happy. I am always sad and down when I need to lay down my camera after the first three songs and then during the show I see so many moments which I might have been capturing with my camera to an energetic picture. But this time I was the lucky one.

Noblesse Oblige

‘Noblesse Oblige’…

Well all people who we meet ask us for how they are on stage. And we always say be open minded it´s extraordinary and special but fits the whole concept. And after the show all we hear is “Yeah, you were so right.” They send out so much energy with their kind of african voodoo inspired show paired with the charme of James Dean. I know I already wrote that in our first report but it´s how it is. It feels like that. They played some really great songs from their new album ‘Malady’. A highlight for us is ‘The Great Electrifier’ and ‘May they come with spears and knifes’ which indeed is an old african voodoo spell.

Noblesse Oblige

Bewitched by ‘Noblesse Oblige’ we spent the time till IAMX will come on stage talking to a security guy which asked Cross Girl whether she was allowed to take videos. He told me I can cause I take the pictures for our website. I told him that she´s doing the videos for our page and Cross Girl was allowed to make videos during the whole show.

Apropos videos during the whole show….

While the last minutes were left till IAMX will open their circus that night 2 men with big professional cameras took position left and right of the stage. They were filming the whole show including the audience. So you now can guess what this means? A live DVD perhaps? Could be at least that night is so worth it to get it on DVD.

While we were still thinking about what that means the beats of ‘Music People’ started and my heart was exploding. I turned around to Cross Girl telling her: “Oh god I´m so excited my heart is exploding. I don´t know what to do first.” It gave me goose pimples all over and the crowd turned wild and crazy. It was a very special feeling in this room. You felt the band was excited to play “home sweet home” in Berlin. There´ve been lots of beloved ones coming to the show so I may not imagine their level of excitement. The best thing of being excited is that you´ve got lots of adrenaline in your body to transfer this into energy for the show. So they did.

They played a stunning gig.

The whole room was heated up the moment the shadows of IAMX came on stage and the tunes rised. At the latest when Chris was giving his best drumming wild at the end of ‘Music People’ the last were infected by the atmosphere. And all you could do is dancing, singing and rocking. The energy flying around in the air got everybody going. The first sounds of ‘Volatile Times’ started and you could see Chris in an emotional state of mind. Touching his chest and head saying “BERLIN” and going over directly into the lyrics of ‘Volatile Times’. This song by the way made me aware of Albertos singing qualities. His voice works so well with that song and I recognize myself sometimes staring at him when he sings during this song.


This time ‘Tear Garden’ somehow made more sense cause it was fitting the fact that we´ve been in Berlin. As I once read in an interview that Chris made a word play with this title with the in Berlin located “Tiergarten” and kinda an emotional state of mind you can be into.

Me I was very emotional – ok I´m always emotional in a concert – but this time a bit more. I sometimes needed to control myself not starting to cry ’cause of being so into the show.

Our very special moment this tour was definately during ‘Bring Me Back A Dog’.

Chris sings ‘God give a little love’ and we gave him love by giving him our crown. Chris took it and it seemed he was amazed from the first moment on. He was rockin’ with it the rest of the show.

Chris with our crown

Wearing it, throwing it around, putting it on again, using it to beat the drums with it and crowning Alberto with it. I really need to say we got the right idea and have been at the right time and the right place. We declared Chris as our king or queen depending on his mood ;)

During ‘Cold Red Light’ the whole room became crazy turning into a crazy madhouse. The whole crowd jumped and danced and was singing and celebrating that circus going on stage.

We three girls were so amazed that Chris liked our gift that much that it was pushing us more and more. From song to song.

After ‘President’ it was time to have a little rest with the song ‘Bernadette’.

Mimosa Himo Pale entered the stage to play the singing saw for this song. She was dressed in red tull with a hat of featehrs and a raven on top combined with a very extraordinary make-up. She stayed on stage the rest of the show spicing it up with her presence.

Mimosa Himo Pale

We already knew it or let me say guessed it, that they will play ‘Berandette’ in the German version. Cause during we waited in Hamburg to get into the venue we heard the rehearsals and they played ‘Bernadette’. We sat there trying to kill the time and then I picked up some snippets from the rehearsal and thought it might have been German but I thought I am wrong and remained silent. But not long. I asked to Cross Girl whether she had the same impression and she first thought as well she was wrong. But we both heard the same. They were trying it in German. And instantly we were sure that this was especially for the show in Berlin and we were right.


‘Bernadette’ in German is so beautiful. I was surprised about how they turned the English lyrics into the German ones to fill them with sense and bring it close to the original version. Listening to it was like diving into a sea of sin and exploring it. I was enchanted, bewitched by the beauty of this song. I last heard it in Prague last October and I was craving for it. Waiting for it the other shows before hoping to listen it and it finally became true – now.


And again somehow ‘Spit It Out’ came pretty surprisingly even if we know this is the last song of the show but it was surprising me again. Falling on my head very hard.

Still high from the show I stared on the stage watching the band leaving the scenery as Chris turned over and back to me again. Pointing on me and the crown whispering ‘I love you’. So we can be sure – he loves and appreciates our gift.

Our ‘Thank You’ did turned out in a stunning way.

We needed to leave the location early after the show cause unfortunately Triangle Girl needed to leave us again the next morning after the show cause she needed to work. Cross Girl and me we stayed in Berlin some days before flying over to Munich at the day of the show there.

Since that show in Berlin Cross Girl and me we had ‘Bernadette’ in our minds all day long. It was coming to our minds over and over again – a real catchy tune.

Somehow it was our ‘Berlin song’ during we stayed there for sightseeing for another 4,5 days after the show and it will always be connected with our time there.

… to be contiuned.

Much much love and once more thank you IAMX.





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  1. dL. Says:

    Hey girls,

    THANK YOU A LOT for every piece of information you send to us. It´s so nice that you find a time to write amazing reports from IAMX gigs. I always get the feeling during reading your words like I was there and feel the unique atmosphere. I love your photos from Berlin show, it means much more for me since I could be there, at the unforgettable concert. And I can only agree, it was so emotional, energic, fabulous..
    And your gift for Chris, I simply love it! Great idea. It´s so lovely, that Chris wears the crown even at other concerts.


  2. Ina Says:

    You had goose pimples during the concert – so did I. And I have them now reading your report. I am moved and have a concert backlash so intense you cannot imagine. Thanks for doing this for all us fans!

  3. Heidi Says:

    Hey you,

    I just have to totally agree to dL.’s words!

    Yours Heidi (PS Can’t wait for reports and pics of Frankfurt ;-))

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