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We turned the lights on

Kulturfabrik, Esch-Sur-Alzette (L) – 18.03.2011

“Did you hear that? How cool is that? Waking up with a woodpecker.”

After that exciting night with that police control we needed some sleep and rest but we only had 3 hours cause we needed to drive to Luxembourg. Ok hey only 4,5 hours by car and me I was the only driver.

This means turn the speakers on in the car and singing to stay awake.

Well we were really waking up with a woodpecker knocking till we´re awake in the middle of the nature. But this was really vitalizing. Well only me, cause Cross Girl already felt a bit sick. We woke up and instantly got ourselfs ready to rush down the road to Luxembourg. Making a little side trip to Cologne to eat something in Cross Girls flat before beating the rest of the street to Luxembourg.

Arriving in Esch-Sur-Alzette – yes our navigation system was working again – we thought to first have a sight at the location for the night and search for the ‘Kulturfabrik’. We took a stop and Cross Girl tried to find it in her navigation system.  She wasn´t sure whether we were right.  So we drove straight towards a circuit took a turn and drove back the way we came from recognizing that we´ve been standing right in front of it already when we took the stop to find it.

Hey we were tired. OK ok no excuses, you´re right – we were blind.

The location looked nice and tiny. Our excited anticipation started to grow again.

So we went to the hotel. After a half infinty of driving through one-way roads and little ginnels, we arrived there trying to find a parking place in the lot of the hotel. After some, let me call it little difficulties, we finally got it.  Took all our luggage – it was a lot, I mean we´re girls – and took the elevator up to the lobby. Ok at least we tried and had success in a way but I´ve rarely seen such a small one, but somehow we managed it.

Cross Girl was still feeling sick and tired with fever and tried to rest a little and come back to energy. Meanwhile I was preparing myself for the night. After some time Cross Girl came back to vitality and prepared herself as well. We went down to the lobby asking for a taxi. Somehow the receptionist disappeared very quickly after calling a cab for us. Does anybody know why? ;)

Arriving at the ‘Kulturfabrik’ we met our friend Barbie from Mexico and her friend Tania from Lux. Sure we had a lot to talk meeting the first time. But time passes by very slowly when you wait in the cold rain.
Ok we were slightly rewarded by some sounds from the soundcheck which nonetheless did not distract us from the fact that it was cold and wet. And remember poor Cross Girl being out there with fever. Our legs were frozen to the ground and you felt like you will never move on but when the doors opened, all was instantly forgotten.

Again we the luck for having a place in the first row. Which is the best place you could ever have in an IAMX concert. You feel the power of the audience pushing forward with the beat and the energy of the band.

This time we enjoyed Noblesse Oblige much more. Their sounds slowly crawl into your ear and every time you enjoy their music a bit more. Unforunately they played the same songs like in Apeldoorn but it was cool and time passed by a little faster.

Noblesse Oblige

I love the moment a concert starts. The first tune rises and the audience starts to scream like there´s no tomorrow.

Then IAMX rushed on stage like a wild animal hunting for your souls. They always bring so much energy with them like a big wave breaking over you and thrill you with them in their world.

Chris came on stage with a camera filming the audience and yeah filming Cross Girl and me screaming for more. This was a real gorgeous moment. I wonder what he uses it for? Does someone know that?

They opened the concert again with Music People and Volatile Times.

Unfortunately, IAMX played the same setlist like in Apeldoorn but nonetheless it´s never the same even if the songs are.

The first highlight this time was “I salute You Christopher”. Right before Chris started to sing he took his mic and send a salute to Barbie who only came over from Mexico to see them live. We were so happy for her to see that they appreciate that so much and as well giving her drum sticks to always remember that night.  I can not imagine how happy she was but we were enjoying it with her. This was your night Barbs.

I Salute You Christopher

Then “I Salute You Christopher” started and in some way it was Barbies song. So great. Kisses to you sweetie.

I adore the way how they appreciate how fans support them and what fans do for them. It´s not often in modern times that bands show their appreciation that open – IAMX please keep it up. This is priceless.

To spice up the show a little we had some red glitter with us which we tossed during several songs. And as we recognized they enjoyed it. Especially Alberto who came infront of stage talking shortly to Barbie and then rub himself in with our red glitter. He seemed to really enjoy it, laughing about that when he was back in place.


They really made such a great show again. I mean we did not expect something different.

This time i recognized Caroline – the new organic drummer – a bit more than in Apeldoorn and she rocks. Sure it´s not easy to come into a band which is so well balanced and now you´re a new member trying to find your place. But I´m sure she will.

Why do concerts always pass by so fast? It was feeling like 5 minutes. So sure we need to see the next concert to get our souls back which they stole right from the start.

It´s like a ghost, haunting us. Becomes an addiciton – a drug. You want more and if you can´t get more, you suffer.  CDs, videos and pictures won´t help…. You need to see them live again.


But before we could see them live again the next day – like we wanted in Brussels – we needed to come back to the hotel. It was still raining heavily and cold outside. I tried to call a taxi. I tried it in french – my french actually isn´t the best – but somehow I managed it. I thought…..

We waited  - desperately…. For one hour!!! In the cold rain. Lost in a town which we don´t know.

I called for a taxi I guess 6 times – always hearing promises for taxis to come.


Cross Girl was lucky enough to find one last staff member from the location which called a taxi for us. Cause there was no one anymore. Only the staff from IAMX getting the equipment in the bus and besides these there was no one – only rain, cold and darkness. A really bad thought creeped up on our minds. Cause Tania told us that some people from Luxembourg don´t mind much about foreigners. Somehow this sentence made sense now a little when we were waiting for one hour for a taxi. But thanks to that nice girl from the ‘Kulturfabrik’ we had the luck to find back to our hotel. Too late we were already wet to the bone.

Somehow I could protect my camera a bit from the rain. So it still works. This was my biggest worry.

To warm up and come down after that I went on iTunes to find a sweet lullaby for us. We needed something warming our souls and caressing our minds. So I got “Avalanches” from iTunes to get our souls back to life and to calm down and get warm again. Such a wonderful touching song was sending us to dream land getting back energy for the third concert the next day in Brussels.

2 be continued…






Setlist Esch-Sur-Alzette


PICTURES by Racoon Girl:

All can be found here @ flickr

Chris Albert Chris Chris Chris


VIDEOS by Cross Girl

More videos coming soon….

2 Responses to “We turned the lights on”

  1. Heidi Münster Says:

    Wow, Mädels, Dankeschön erneut für Euren abenteuerlichen Bericht! Vergeßt nicht, diesen auch wieder auf der deutschsprachigen IAMX-Seite zu posten!
    Die Fotos sind absolut klasse! Wie schafft Ihr das bei diesen Lichtverhältnissen?
    Tausend Dank für das hochgeladene Video! Hat Chris das ganze Konzert über die künstlichen Wimpern getragen? Stelle ich mir nicht einfach vor ….:-)

  2. Barbie Says:

    My lovely girls! I cannot describe the feelings I got with your review of that magic and unique night. First of anything, THANK YOU! Thank you for being such a great human beings, for showing me that there still are nice people in this crazy world. Since the moment I saw you coming from the entrance of the venue I went crazy and super happy, telling Tania how much we’ve been talking via Facebook the last couple of weeks waiting for the moment to share an IAMX’s gig.

    You know I had the night of my life! It was incredibly intimate and meaningful for me. The expectations turned into psychosis. A night to remember the rest of my life for sure. IAMX is everything a MORE than I would ever expect. They are an authentique bomb on stage, crazy energy and vibes! I was greatly suprised by the fact of Chris being so chatty, so nice, so easygoing the entire concert! And trust me, I do appreciate from the bottom of my heart, that Chris, Alberto, Janine and also Reza were so nice with this crazy girl. As you said, bands don’t do that these days, but IAMX isn’t only a band, that’s for sure.

    I’m incredibly happy and I feel amazingly blessed for this opportunity that life gave me, gave us, to share a passion that is growing every day a bit more.

    Love you girls and I wish you all the best forever! You’re inked in my heart!



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