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Show your support, make a wish and spread the word

Hello hello beauties!

Tomorrow´s the day of the official release for IAMX’ new single “Ghosts of Utopia”.
Order @BoutiqueIAMX

So it´s time to show your support!
Ask your local radio to play “Ghosts of Utopia” and make the world to get to know IAMX !!!!!!

We´ve clustered some radio stations in Germany, UK, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg for you to contact.

Click on the pics to make a wish:


sputnik.de bayern3.radio.de ndr.de/ndr2 antenne.com sw3.de









Spread the word and stay IAMXed!




7 Responses to “Show your support, make a wish and spread the word”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Girls, you are SO amazing! In my eyes you should be officially declared to be team members of IAMX!

    I will try the radio stations. Unfortunately some as HR3 and Bayern 3 refused to play Placebo in the past as it was “too alternative” for their gaga programmes. We will see how they react on IAMX…

  2. Shine Says:

    Yes, Girls of Addiction at IAMX staff !

    I’m french. I think RTL2 not play IAMX. It’s too electro/alternative for them. This radio is too commercial. Perhaps at night with Zegut at PopRockStation :

    I love the idea that IAMX will be play at French Radio but I do’t believe.
    So I prefer listening Pure FM in Belgium!

    An other Idea for IAMX : on support act for the next Depeche Mode Tour ! It will be amazing!

  3. somebody59 Says:

    you can try to add this 2 radios
    One from belgium : http://www.rtbf.be/purefm/
    And the second for north of france :

  4. somebody59 Says:

    i think , in france we can have success to have IAMX on the french radio : Contact FM ( north of france ) because is an radio more electro and we can have for exemple remixes of Ghost of Utopia also .

  5. Elia Says:

    I think that this station will play IAMX, it would be great.


  6. IAMXTourCorner Says:

    @ Elia: Thank you a lot for the support ;)

  7. anne boleyn Says:

    Anything in Italy as usual! This damn country is so defth to indi, alternative music :((….

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