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… we’ve got a plan…

Hey huns,

2011 is now only some hours old and yeah we´re already excited.

For what? You really ask that? ^^

Sure for the upcoming IAMX “Fire & Whispers Tour 2011″… What did you think? XD

So girls ‘n guys we´re already about to plan our trips to feed you with new material and captivating reports, pics and vids.

Check our “IAMX-Tour-Corner”-Tour Poster we created for the forthcoming IAMX shows and see where we´ll be led to finish up

Tourdates for IAMX-Tour-Corner

Hold your breath for our reports…



9 Responses to “… we’ve got a plan…”

  1. Cross Girl Says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Heidi Says:

    You are really IAMXed. Great :-)

  3. dL. Says:

    It seems like you´re going to every IAMX concert, aren´t you? :D
    Well, I envy you that much, cause I´m not sure I will get to any of them :( Anyway, I´m so looking forward to your reports, photos, videos, …
    Your website is completely amazing! :)

    Cheers ;)

  4. IAMXTourCorner Says:

    Hi Leo,

    yeah so far we´re going to see every german concert and 2 other ones in Luxembourg and Brussels.
    Hope you´ll have the chance to get to any of their concerts.
    We´re about to plan the whole trips at the moment and can´t wait to feed you with our reports and experiences.
    It´s such an addiction – our welcome addiction.
    Keep in touch and thanks a lot. We really appreciate your support.

  5. Shine Says:

    Hello Girls of Addiction!

    Great site and amazing graphic!

    I’m very impatient to listen the new album…

    Greeting from France.

    A fan since the debut (2003)

  6. IAMXTourCorner Says:

    Coucou Shine,

    thanks a lot for the new name. We´re keeping it up XD

    Soon there starts a really volatile time for us all!

    Stay IAMXed
    “The Girls of Addiction”

  7. somebody59 Says:

    Hello Girls of Addiction ! !
    very beautiful site and the design is really great ! !
    i waiting now for musics by DJ Shine
    See you next time à l’ ancienne belgique ! !

  8. Martijn Says:

    Hope to see you in The Netherlands as well…

  9. IAMXTourCorner Says:

    Hi Martijn,

    I´m sure you´re going to see us.
    Irene was asking us to, so we decided to let us start in the Netherlands.


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