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A very british night

The TUBE – 09.10.2012

“I would say eclectic is the perfect word to describe his music. The combination of synth sounds, guitars, drums and strings creates an energetic and thrilling sound landscape.”

It was a cold day in October and Cross Girl and me we met at the train station to head over to Dusseldorf.
So far we saw James Cook as the support act of IAMX and now it was time to enjoy him playing his own headline show.
He toured around Germany with his new album “Arts & Sciences”.

Cross Girl an me we were excitingly looking forward since we missed his last show in Cologne. We couldn’t believe that he really will play a gig near us.
The club he played in couldn’t be fitting much better. A small tiny club in the city center called “The TUBE”.
As we arrived there we couldn’t believe that it really was that small and intimate. It made us smile.

There were still some minutes left until we could enter the club and we decided to let a cocktail run down our throats right opposite the club.
While we sat there we watched to girls in our age staring in front of James’ tour poster. They seemed to be thinking about the gig so we decided to walk over and talk to them to convince them to join the gig too. We actually caught their interest so they stayed and came to the gig as well.

The club was tiny and promised an intimate night – so it was. Which already started with a personal handshake by James introducing himself to us before his support act Thomas Allan started his set of cool handmade brit pop/rock. He´s a young and talented German guy with great entertaining skills.

Thomas Allan

So it happened that while Thomas played more and more people came in. The club was crowded when James entered the stage. He was accompanied by the wonderful Anne-Marie Kirby on violin and Gemma Hill on drums. It was Gemmas first gig with James. Them three were working perfect together.

With a good Whiskey in his right hand James instantly started his energetic show.
It´s not easy to describe his show and music but I would say eclectic is the perfect word to describe his music. The combination of synth sounds, guitars, drums and strings creates an energetic and thrilling sound landscape. Which filled the club immediately. From the first tune on the whole audience danced and sang along enjoying these wonderful brit pop sounds which filled our ears and hearts with joy.
Passionately he sang with every fibre of his body. It was like his soul and love for music and performing flew around and directly hit us.
It was overwhelming how you could see and feel the love for what he does.
The snyth and guitar sounds were crawling in our ears, while the drums were moving our bodies and the soft flowing strings were caressing us. The show felt like a warm embrace , like being in a cosy place.
It´s hard to describe what was going on in us. It was just amazing.
Impatiently Cross Girl and me we were waiting for “Government Kid” which he actually performed. It blew us away. It´s on CD already a really rousing song but live it´s a blast.
James CookWe sang and danced along, we screamed and shook our heads.
While the show James tried to excuse himself for his performance cause he was feeling sick that night. But there was nothing to excuse. He and the band were brilliant.
Anne-Marie were genius at her violin so was Gemma on her drums.
He also surprised us with ”La Chanson de Jacky” by Jacques Brel in his version. As he calls it “Chanson de Jamie” and was an exclusive for the show. It was excellent and brought so much joy to the crowd.
For another highlight he took Eve Candyslade from the band Candyslade on stage to sing with him the wonderful ballad “Silent Roads”.
It was a warm, loud, entertaining and amazing night which made us love his music so much more.
So we had to, we really had to buy some of his merchandise and bought the whole “James – package”. 5 of his albums (a mix of NEMO, The Dollhouse and James) as well as we´re now proud owners of the James Cook tote bag. A great item to remember this stunning October night.James Cook
We talked to James and his band for a while and decided to stay for perhaps an hour or two after the show to celebrate another great concert. And well we already missed our train to get back home and what wouldn’t be better than dancing to wait for the next one?
With a big smile in our faces we celebrated the end of the summer….


Lots of love




VIDEOS by Cross Girl

“Government Kid” 

“Chanson de Jamie” (cover of Chanson de Jacky by Jacques Brel

“Silent Roads”


PICTURES by Racoon Girl

James Cook Anne-Marie Kirby/James CookGemma Hill/James CookJames CookEve Candyslade/James Cook

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