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The end of the summer…

Ronquières Festival, Belgium - 29.07.12

„I know we´re lazy fuckers tonight but we had a pretty intense show last night. And well I think some of you people are here tonight…. Oh shit. You saw the damage but it´s never an excuse.“

We slept a little longer after that unbelievable night we had in Frankfurt. Still tired and so exhausted we tried to get some power with a good German breakfast. Strengthened and ready for the show we hit the road to our 4,5h trip over to Belgium. Thrilled from that last night the way to Belgium seemed to fly by. It was unreal and we didn’t recognize the time running as the landscape rushed by. While we ,flew‘ we looked back to the show in Frankfurt and talked about the kisses the band spread around in Frankfurt. We were bit surprised about their will to give all those kisses around as the penny dropped. We had a look on Facebook and I believe it was Cross Girl was it who found the post of IAMX days before the show. They promised to give everyone a kiss who would wear a swimsuit or something similar. And I needed to laugh so hard when I thought of Cross Girl telling me before the show that she thought of wearing a bikini in the case of the heat in the venue. She didn’t. Laughing about that we arrived in Ronquières and were shocked about the millions of cars parking aside right and left of the road. Are they all there for that festival? Is that for real? 

We didn’t give up to find a parking place a little closer so we drove on and luckily we found a place to leave the car nearly right in front of the entry.

We were only steps away from the show at least it felt that way cause we knew IAMX would enter the stage at 10:30 p.m.

We were torn out of these thoughts when we saw the whole location. You may not believe it but it was a canal lift. Yeah you hear it right a canal lift.

After entering the location we recognized that there have been two stages. One on the right and one on the left side of that canal lift. We tried to get our minds up for which stage we should decide us to wait for the show that night and found out that it left would be the right direction.

As we arrived at the area we were that surprised about the mass of people hanging out there having fun which promised to become a powerful night.

On our way to the left stage we stumbled right into Tanguy and his friends which we met in Frankfurt. He told us that last night he did a dive in the audiences hands like Chris. And I was like „Oh my god. This was you?“ I was already wondering who was this last night and especially I knew that Cross Girl took a video of it. 

Still laughing about that we went to the front of the stage and saw some known faces already.

The stage was huge and we couldn’t believe that IAMX would play that tonight there. It felt unreal. I mean last night we were that close that you could even feel the body heat of the band and now the distance couldn’t be bigger. It felt weird but the excitement covered it with that bubbly feeling in our bellies.

We watched the stage setting for the next act called „Triggerfinger“. They rocked the crowd and it seemed they were very known and popular in the francophone countries. I don´t know how to describe them but in a way they were entertaining us even if they’ve not really been our cup of tea.

After a break of an hour „Milow“ came on stage to entertain and made the crowd move.

While „Milow“ performed one of his songs known from the charts it heavily started to rain. Usually we are well prepared so were we that sunday too. We had rain ponchos and a problem. We´ve forgot them in the car and no one would go back an pick them up.

We needed to find a different solution as I had a brainwave. I saw a big plastic film at the right side of the stage lying around there. So I tried to draw the attention of a photographer on me. I tried to ask her for the plastic film in my best french ( well actually it isn´t but it works). Thanks to her we had a protection and not only for us but for the other rows behind us too. It was really needy cause the rain became more and more heavy. The rain drops felt like they were as huge as peaches. It was hard to protect ourselves. Thanks to that huge plastic film we als could protect our friends Sioux and Brendan who joined us in the meantime too.

When „Milow“ left the stage my heart was starting to beat and stomp heavily. It feld like an army was marching in my chest. I couldn’t nearly stand this excitement. And it happened what we were praying for. Slowly but steady the rain became less heavy as it stopped exactly the moment when IAMX went on stage. Ok this wet rain ended but the audience welcomed the band with their joyful cheering and clapping letting the excitement pouring down on the band like a warm summer rain.

Dragging and pulling the beats of „The Great Shipwreck of Life“ were pushing us all into the IAMX circus. The melodies were letting us all go down in the beats washing in our adrenaline and bringing us over into the red lights of „Ghosts of Utopia“. These new tiny melodies hidden in the background are crawling and lodging into your subconscious. This new ,look‘ fits so well to that song. Albertos backing vocals now are more clearer and cutting right into your ear. Deep and gentle supplemented by Janine adding her spirit too.

While I still hung with my thoughts in the refrain of „Ghosts of Utopia“ I noticed Chris putting on his mobile guitar keyboard like instrument. That meant we will „Kiss and Swallow“ in the glance of an eye. Gentle Chris was leaning over his treasure hanging round his left shoulder covering half of his torso.

The band has send an „Echo Echo“ of power and stomping beats out over our heads into the dark. Spreading in the air like a blanket protecting us from the cold falling down from the overcasted sky. And as I felt protected I saw Caroline standing at her drum kit trying to force the audience to move. I felt warm, safe – not least of the „Missile“ projections glowing up on that huge screen right behind the band.

The projected faces started to drown and fade over into the rain drops of „Tear Garden“. This time rain again came from above but not right over us. Right above the band on the big screen covering the back of the stage. And rain drops alternated with stylized comic like rain clouds. It was like a storm swept over the stage and blew away the ,rain‘. Which washed free a bunch of golden ancient masks flashing up in the black. They were smiling down on us. Nearly looked bit like mocking which perfectly frames the set of „Music People“. Over and over again the stage flashed up in the spotlights who lightened up the faces of the band. It somehow felt like the bands faces and the ancient masks alternated in the beats of the „Music People“. And again the outro went faster and faster beating right over into a guitar solo by Alberto who stepped closer to the edge for this. As in the same moment I recognized Caroline standing with her drumsticks up in the air. Drumming us right into „The Alternative“. Time for Janine to emphasize her guitar skills by kneeling down fighting her guitar through the pounding beats. We felt animated and sent to another reality where we danced, screamed and sweat our souls out. 

Once more I was aware of the screen where a projection of an flower made of human arms appeared while „The Alternative“ died away.

It was our sign to stick our arms up high to the sky swaying our them to the bar.

I felt like a marionette and Alberto was the one pulling the strings beating time with every move he makes. I didn’t turn round but I imagined all hands up high looking like the fingers were like fire flickering in the red light falling down from the stage. And there was fire – on stage. Slowly the projected fire on the small screens next to Alberto and Janine faded away but the more the fire in our bodies was set alight being kept at bay by the ventilators on the screen. I really didn’t get anything from what was going on stage. The only thing I remember was what Chris said before the fire totally took control over us.

He admitted „I know we´re lazy fuckers tonight but we had a pretty intense show last night. And well I think some of you people are here tonight…. Oh shit. You saw the damage but it´s never an excuse.“ Jarring guitar sounds were cutting through the dark. That was „Alberto Alvarez“ Janine announced. There was no way we couldn’t keep this fire back from spreading all over our bodies. We were out of control trying to express what was burning inside. It was crazy – we were uncontrollable and the madness took its course until „Spit It Out“ kept a curb on us when Caroline started to play her xylophone. The intro the more had the spirit of a nursery rhyme which instantly turned over into the so well known scraping beats of this all time classical IAMX song.

Giant projections from Sneaker Pimps times was provided as a background to Janine swinging to the beats on her keyboard. As well as I watched Chris leaning on his keyboard affectionately almost like tugging at the heartstrings from time to time. You saw him feel the words flowing out of his mouth. The screen escorted this impression with random word projections like ,Father‘, ,Home‘, ,Country‘, ,Me‘, ,Enemy‘ or ,Happiness‘.

After a short break the band came back on stage and with a „You know we love you!“ by Janine „Bring Me Back A Dog“ broke out of the blue light to take control over our bodies and minds. The audience went crazy screamed and yelled. My mind state was idle. I was screaming and shaking out the last of my power for that song. I looked up for a millisecond and the only thing I saw were blurry bokeh like light spots. I couldn’t make out anyone on stage and didn’t recognize anything but feeling the beats in every fibre of my body.

I started up from my madness as I noticed the change of light. Instead of red lights now yellow and purple lights were wrapping me up. I was caught in the „Nightlife“ and needed to mobilize the last reserves of strength hidden in my body to jump and scream the lyrics. The regular stomping beats helped me to be full of energy again. I turned my head left and saw Chris having Janine in a headlock. Only a beat of an eyelash later Chris was on the right side pretty close to Alberto for the drums. In the beats of Chris Caroline joined his drumming perfectly and „Nightlife“ flew by and slowly the purple lights, the song, the show and somehow this weekend died away.

Thrilled but immense exhausted after that heavy great weekend we were up in the sky with our heads. We felt light and like floating. With muddy shoes we came back to the car. Sitting in there was such a relief but our feet and bodies were hurting after these great two days and nights. With our wide opened eyes we felt like enlightening the night and streets with our sparkling pupils.

As we rushed through the rainy night I felt like I rush also through the memories from these unbelievable awesome days. Like they were passing by the window instead of the lights from the streetlights.







 PICTURES by Racoon Girl
More pictures online soon. Meanwhile you can see them all at our facebook account!
VIDEOS by Cross Girl
“The Great Shipwreck of Life”

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  1. Sioux Krause Says:

    Yeah!!! And just like that, I am taken back to that wonderful night through your magic words, once again! I am still wearing my Ronquieres Festival pass bracelet! :D Racoon Girl – our protector, cleverly securing that plastic tarp to protect us from the deluge! It was definitely a different experience from the night before in Frankfurt, and my first time seeing IAMX at a festival – it was very different, but interesting to see two very different shows. IAMX could play on a rooftop or in a basement – anywhere… and they would be amazing. Thanks yet again for capturing the experience – all those little details – so that I can relieve another of the best nights ever. Much love to you girls!!! xxx

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