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All the glitter….

Young and Restless Festival, Berlin – 08.06.2012

“Sticky and sweet the swinging „echo echo“ brought the audience to move. To taste the nasty sounds running down their throats ending up in a warm heavy screaming for more.”

We couldn´t believe it really started again for us girls. And well we couldn´t resist to get spoilered by the setlist of the festival in Sweden where IAMX played their first show this year. Happy about the change of setlist (at least one song and the order) we couldn´t wait for the show anymore.

Unfortunately there´ll be only a couple of club shows and festivals this year but we were happy to be on our way to our first one.

I couldn´t remember anymore how much adrenaline my body could produce but this feeling this time was enormous.

I mean see that the last time we were „on tour“ was in November last year. We couldn´t believe that already 8 months passed by. 8 months where so much happened that you somehow didn´t really felt them passing by.

But now it was time again to slip into our alter egos in some hours. To be back as Cross Girl and Racoon Girl. And while we flew over to Berlin. Triangle Girl was on the other side of this planet in New York to enjoy the last hours of their honeymoon.

With our minds in Berlin we went back to that night last year when IAMX played in the Astra. That one night when the journey of the crown began which became part of our story as IAMX-Tour-Corner.

So much memories are connected with that night and you still feel it alive as it was yesterday.

Sometimes we were torn out of our thoughts when we flew right into the next turbulence.

With sweating hands and scared faces we sat there praying for landing without any problems. We´re really not scared of flying but this really scared us and made us sweat like hell. Landed in Berlin we took a train to our hotel.

While the faces of Berlin passed by the excitement in our bodies rose and rose and the horror of that flight was forgotton.

This time we decided to stay for a weekend so we booked a room in a little hotel for 2 nights around the corner of the location.

Our hotel room was tiny the more was our bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet your ellbow hang in the sink and your feet were in the shower. Impossible to close the door – no space.

We didn´t care. We had a place to sleep and get ready. All that counts. Most of the time you´re spending your time somewhere else but not in this room.

For every concert we feel like changing something on our clothes or in our make-up.  Some may look at us like we´re strange. Cause of always being on concerts of the same band. But every show is different and cause of that our outfit and make-up is never the same. That´s why we this time decided to do something with gold and reminding us of that amazing show last year in Berlin.

Cross Girl had the idea to put an oversized golden glittering X on our shirts. Me I bought some of that glitter gel – a golden one and some other glitteirng „assecoires“.

And nearly in record time we transformed in our second personalities. Cross Girls face was covered with an huge golden cross. Me I decided to leave my stripe black but chaging the patterns I usually paint on it. No need for me to think about it too


long. In memory of my wonderful mother who passed away about a week before the show I painted an egyptian hieroglyphe on one eye and covered the other one with a golden egyptian like pattern. Why egyptian? Well my mother loved the egyptian culture so I decided to use something from that to have her with me.

So she was this night in Berlin. Which became an up and down of feelings. Like sitting in an  endless rollercoaster.

Ready for the show and with excitement rushing in our bodies we left the hotel to have a look at the location. Still the YOU fair was running. A fair for young people to deal with apprenticeships and internships. To find out what to do after school and to have fun.

As we were there Cross Girl and me we decided to have a look around. I mean in the end we weren´t able to do something different. I mean first we were pushed by adrenaline and happyness about the upcoming show and remember we were already our alter egos.

So we walked round that fair doing some fun with the exhibitors. Slipping into the role of a fireman or a life guard. And some thought we might be exhibiting something there too asking for our stand or what we represent. Uhm … I guess we need some business cards.

After the fair was over and all visitors were gone we were left in the foyer sitting and talking. As time passed by we decided to stay and wait for the show.


While we sat there talking other known faces appeared and we grew up to a little bunch of people wondering that we could have been waiting here inside in front of the doors of the hall where the concert should take place.

After a while we were unsure about the whole situation and Cross Girl decided to ask one of the security guys who told us to better wait outside.

So we did and the excitement grew and grew. The more it rose as we recognized that nearly no one of these guys there knew something about the tickets we had. It was way confusing cause it haven´t neither been real paper tickets nor e-tickets. It was something in between. After a delay of about 1 hour we entered the first door to the area and showed our tickets as everyone (no matter with a real ticket or an e-ticket or ours) had to go to the information point to change it into a real official ticket. And you may imagine, that this caused anger and rage. You could see a bunch of arms reaching over to that guy controlling whether you´re allowed to get a ticket or not. This guy was weary of life or so. He didn´t even care about the anger and rage of these people around him only wanting to get their ticket and enter. This was such a mess. I´ve rarely seen something that unorganised. But well we finally entered and were lucky enough being in the front row again.

Cross Girl thought of drinking something so she went over to the bar and came back without anything. They said the bar may open from 10 p.m…. Erm… it was already later than 11 p.m.. As I told you before – the organisation was a mess.

Finally we got something to drink and were prepared for the show. Which started way later than we thought. At about 11:30 /11:45 p.m the lights turned out and the audience started their chorus of screaming voices and whistling.

As I made out the outline of 4 shadowy characters releasing their shadows from the backlight. I mean I knew it already but first it was hard to figure out exactly who is who. Alberto and Caroline stepped out of the dark as the first followed by Janine jumping down the stage giving some hugs to the audience. As well as she did to us, giving us a long warm hug. And well I heard Cross Girls stifled screaming. Stifled by Janines arms surrounding us. As fast as she came as fast she went back to her place on stage while her long black hair flew all around her head. Janine? Black long hair? She wore a black haired wig which she took of later for „Music People“ when it went hotter and hotter in that little room.IAMX

Under a thunderous applause Chris stepped out of the dark wearing his black hat he brought with him from L.A.. It fits him very well and gave him in the shady light a well shaped silhouette.

And while I absorbed all these impressions the first tunes of „The Great Shipwreck of Life“ shot through my head as my mind started to burst. They´ve played an impressively pushing mix of that song. It was such a blast. I mean we´ve already got a clue of it during the soundcheck but now listening to this, with this by the way great acoustic in this room, set all our energy free and made us become golden glittering bombs. We were jumping like hell and it felt that we were the only ones round there. I mean there´ve been less people than expected but what the hell? Why are they not really moving? Do they need another ice breaker to lose their scruples? They should get their ice breaker. Sailing on a wave of new electronic sounds paired with the end of „The Great Shipwreck of Life“ the audience got heated up by the melodious sounds of „Ghosts of Utopia“. Lo and behold the rest of the crowd got way more alive. I thought I couldn´t trust my ears. IAMX arranged all the songs in a new look. They sounded fresh and more vivid. As well did „Ghosts of Utopia“. Slow and nearly unnoticed goose pimples climbed up my body when Alberto started an unbelievable thrilling guitar solo for the end of that song.

Cross Girl and me we looked at each other like… oh my fucking god is that awesome. Sorry guys it´s not really possible to describe what was on my mind when he played his solo. This moment left me standing there with my mouth wide open staring at the scene and this huge LED screen. Where in a fast order faces flashed up. While the faces flashed up the white light of the screen lightened up Albertos face. I recognized he lost some weight and lost his beard too which he wore since fall last year. It fitted him very well but now he replaced the beard with a dandy like hair cut which fits him very well too. Ah yes somehow when I think about this solo part the impression of harps come to my mind. So soft and hard in a way….

With this I was ready for the tempting sounds of „Kiss and Swallow“. Sticky and sweet the swinging „echo echo“ brought the audience to move. To taste the nasty sounds running down their throats ending up in a warm heavy screaming for more. Chris wanted more too by emphasizing „are you listening?“ We did and so it was time for the white drops of „Tear Garden“ running down the LED screen in the back performing a warm summer rain in our ears. Chris turned around for a second turned back and had something like a ring flash in his right hand. Which was the only light in this room for a second – at least it seemed like this.

While 16 projected eyes stared at us from the back of the scene Chris asked us to make more noise. „I can´t hear you“ made even the last one in this room raising their voice.

Caro and Alberto turned over to their drumming solos as Chris joined them to get everything out of the drums. With light flashed up and lighted up the shadowy faces for short moments. I saw Caroline drumming rhytmically with Alberto. Caroline changed the way she looks like as well. She wore a black body reminding me of a vamp.

Drumming full of energy as the tears ran down and brought me to tears as this song touched me again. The tears didn´t run down only on the screen on stage but also running down my face. It was touching.IAMX

From tears to joy I had no time to dry my eyes cause „Tear Garden“ led immediately over to „The Alternative“ which threw me out of my lethargic thoughts and as I shook my head glittering drops flew from my eyes all around and a smile came back to my face.

I looked over to Janine and she looked somehow mystic with that red light covering her face. It came from a tiny red lamp which she later let disappear in her mouth eating it in a way and spitting it out again.

Yellow light filled the stage accomponied by blue spots covering the faces of the band.

In the blue dots flashing up you saw Chris´ black silhouette shining in the backlight melting with the background and rising up again when the yellow and black light hit the stage. „The Alternative“ fucked up our bodies with its scratchy noisy madness which instantly led over into „Music People“ and with a ,You know I live in Berlin. I can´t „Think of England“ anymore‘ the second song of the head fuck triple song shot started. It made the audience go crazy and you felt them jumping more and more. Listening them singing all along is such a great feeling. How  must this feel for an artist? It must be killing you. But something killed us. We´ve been waiting for it so damn bad. „Cold Red Light“ shot the last energy out of our bodies as being the third of that devil trio of songs. And to underline that Cross Girl and me brought more glitter with us putting it on our heads. As we started to bang our heads the glitter transformed into a shimmering cloud making everything and everyone golden all around us. It must have been looking like exploding bombs. Totally in another world our bodies moved out of control. Which we could only stop a bit by beeing torn out of that maniac state of mind by „Spit it Out“. A warmth catched me as Chris sent out a „I´m with you and your beautiful hearts“. The musical box sounds introducing this amazing piece of electronic music. Chris was way touched too as you saw him walking around with folded hands on his chest. As he started to play on his mixing instruments shaking his head he´d lost his hat but instantly putting it back on. In an enormous sound spectacle „Spit it Out“ ended so did the show. We thought but immediately after they´ve left the stage they came back to shoot our heads with „Bring me back a Dog“ and with a „ I wanna feel you. I wanna feel you on my skin for the rest of my fucking days“ from Chris, the band shot us into an energetic body beating performance of „Bring me back a Dog“.

For this song we really needed to do it again. We had more glitter with us. Yet another time a flittering shimmering cloud surrounded us and as for „Cold Red Light“ I could only have guessed how it might have been looking like. For „Bring me back a Dog“ I opened my eyes and saw glitter everywhere. All around us. It must have been shining like hell as the lights for „Nightlife“ fell on the audience and sure on us too. As Chris gave everything on the drums so did Caroline and Alberto on his guitar. Janine stepped down from the stage with her guitar. Dancing and jumping back on stage crawling around on her knees. Nearly the same time Chris jumped down the stage too. Stepping IAMXclose to the audience and instantly a sea of armes wrapped him. He turned in the arms and as fast as he came down he stepped back on the stage to unfortunately give this unbelievable crazy and amazing show an end.

Glittering and totally out of order we went out of the area holding our head with our hands. Our neck was slack and weak and we could only hold it in one position. Up high but hell no other way. Our voices were weak too from screaming and singing at each other during the show.

In the shimmering lights of Berlin streets we were glittering like a disco ball leaving a trail of glitter and gold behind us on the way to our hotel.

With an unbelievable feeling of joy and satisfaction we took a shower and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning I was like – where the hell is my neck. I felt weak and I thought I must have been sleeping for 10 hours or more as I had a look on my watch recognising that it was only a handful of hours. I decided to turn around and take another nap as Cross Girl was still sleeping deep and peacefully.

Hours later we woke up but had a problem. Our neck was hurting like hell. You could only keep your head up in one position or holding it up with your hands.

There was no other way and we asked ourselves how we should manage that day without lying in the grass somewhere.

But it worked somehow. We did a little sightseeing tour and ate something at the “White Trash” an in-scene restaurant.

During that day we also passed by some flea markets and as we decided to get to another one we accidentially met our polish IAMX friends we´ve already saw on some shows last year. After we 4 girls walked across that market. Cross Girl and me we had a long walk through Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to caress our creative souls. A very inspiring and in-scene quarter of Berlin. Everytime we go there it feels like this is the place where our creative heart beats.

Later that day we went back to our hotel to get us ready for the night cause we had another highlight this weekend. Our very beloved Noblesse Oblige had a DJ set that night in a tiny sympathic bar in Berlin Kreuzberg.IAMX

With stars around our eyes and kind of incognito we disappeared in the night of that pulsating metropole. We were incognito cause there was no X and no – in our faces. We were only us.

And as you dived into that streets you felt like living there already for all your life. Like it is normal to walk around there. Not feeling like a visitor but as a citizen.

We entered that bar „Barbie Deinhoffs“ and recognized to be in a scene bar in the middle of Berlin. Already from the window we saw Valerie sitting there doing her DJ set.

We came in and felt very welcome. We ordered a drink and started to talk with Valerie about music, life and the times we live in. Later Sebastian joined us too. He was way late cause of being busy with mixing  and arranging their new album. And we talked like we would do it every weekend and did not recognise how fast time passed by it was late already and time to find back „home“. With a warm feeling in our hearts and a happy smile in our faces we went back through the warm night of Berlin streets back to our hotel. Unfortunately Cross Girl had to leave nearly immediately to the airport so I stayed in bed for a couple of hours before I had to fly back home.  I had one of the most beautiful flights right into a sundown and thought the sun will always shine for even if there sometimes is rain. Life gives and takes…

Much Love



P.S.: A girl told us that even the next morning she still had glitter in her face and well we revalued our hotel room with our golden dust. Luckyly we didn´t get any extra bill for an extra cleaning of our room ….



Setlist Berlin Young and Restless


PICTURES by Racoon Girl


more pictures to come on FLICKR soon….


VIDEO by Cross Girl

2 Responses to “All the glitter….”

  1. BlSister Says:

    all the luxury…. :)
    hello again, sweeties.
    It’s my pleasure too to see your pictures, video and report again. You made my day happier.
    I am again felt the same as at the Dresden’s report and at Prague’s too…. you write really emotionally and beautiful.
    I had a strange felling while i read your words…. you changed a little, didn’t you? The expression of feelings and experiment became more intensive and deep.

    I felt a knife in my heart when I read that “my wonderful mother who passed away about a week before the show”….it’s moving my feeling unspeakably. To be honest, I have to prepare myself to the same kind of thing, so I can feel, what you’ve been through.

    I hope that one day, we will meet. All of you. And who knows….. I can know your real personality, not just alter egos. :)
    with deep love and sympathy…

  2. IAMXTourCorner Says:

    Dear sweet beauty,

    what you said thrilled us that immense. It´s so great to see what our blog gives to other fans.
    Sure Racoon Girl had a hard time and this show was pretty much intense for her. Which shows in the report very clearly.

    Dear BlSister we send you all our strength for the hard times which will unfortunately hit you. But imagine, we´re with you and we know exactly what you will be going through.
    Always see this situation as something that takes but also gives back. It´s mostly better for the one who passes away cause of being released from pain and suffering. Live is what it is. It gives and takes. And as a dear friend told me, not everyone could pass such a hard test at this early age. So something up there believes you can pass this and be stronger afterwards.

    We will meet a day and have a talk!
    Until that – much love from us girls!
    Stay strong and always such a wonderful person you´re now!

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