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On Air Studio, Mons (Belgium) – 15.10.2011

„ I turned left and saw the same surprised faces of Triangle Girl and Cross Girl. They both felt the same like me as I recognized in their faces.“

After nearly 9 hours of sleep., which by the way never was that long as we have been on tour through all the year, I´ve felt like reborn.

Felt like someone new.

And well I knew we would only take 30 minutes by car to the next city for our last concert at that weekend. Such a great feeling.

Completely ready for the show we´ve left Charleroi et voilá – bienvenue à Mons.

After we´ve found a parking place we took a little walk and ate something after about 24h without food.

Invigorated we searched for the location and discoverd it in a little by-road at the main square of that little belgian town in the shadows of the other little brick houses.

The time passed by fast again that time. Perhaps we´re already used to wait or it was because for about one hour we could see how they´ve brought all the euqipment inside.

Shortly before they usually should have opened the doors, they did but keeping us back as IAMX and Noblesse Oblige have been delayed with their soundcheck. So we waited in the front doors but not going in already.

The security staff was very kind and started to talk to us. So I asked one of them for the size of the venue as one guy asked me whether I want to see it.

So I went inside with him, having a short view on the stage and then going back to the entrance waiting there for the official admittance.

But then I was the first one to enter and as I walked in I saw Noblesse Oblige still doing their soundcheck. I was way confused so was Sebastian as I saw his facial expression when he saw me walking in.

As the venue filled up with people the same way my excitement grew.

Waiting for the support act often is like come on time please pass by and please let the support act pass by as fast as it could, but not for Noblesse Oblige.

We´re always waiting impatiently for them as well and when they enter the stage my heart does start to beat faster as these first electronic voodoo sounds raise from the speakers.

Valerie and Sebastian are such sympathic personality, inspiring and wild. Sebastian in his (I know I´ve wrote that already but it is like it is) James Dean like outfit and Valerie in her fanciful wild outfit with african spirit.

This already promises something special – as they are.

The mixture of these electronic melodies combined with voodoo spells, guitars and drums tempts you to dance and sing along.

They just send out this positive mood with pleasure in their eyes. And what I admire is their magical aura they dispense. I can´t take my eyes and ears of them. Your really once need to see them yourself. They are an event on stage.

Unfortunately they play only 30 minutes but if they once play their own set somewhere closer to Cologne I will go and see them aside to IAMX.

And again this killing break comes up after the support act and you wait their with your heart beating like it would explode every second.

1 minute seems to become 1 hour. A nightmare you hate and you love to go through in the same time. Somehow we need that thrill.

In the second when the lights turn out and the speakers start to send out the first beats my body starts to move automatically.

And a mysterious “walk walk” flies through the air brings the people to scream and jump and you know now – now the IAMX theatre opens their curtains and the first act starts.

With yellow twitching lights ‘Music People’ begins and you see the whole band moving to the beats and unison with the movement to the arms of the audience. And to push that you see Chris making a step closer to the edge of the stage leaning himself forward to the audience like saying ‘come on I want more…. move! move! move’ and the audience obeys.

And power is what you need when ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ rushes out of the speakers. I don´t know how other people experience this song but for me when the refrain starts it feels like taking a long and deep breath after breaking the surface of the water.

‘ahaaaa aaaah ohooooohoooo’ and ‘My Secret Friend’ starts. With that song you once more recognized that the audience was very into that concert. Hearing them all clapping their hands to the beat. This song somehow sends out some magic on me and I remember one situation when Chris and Alberto both came very close together with their heads like telling a little secret to each other. A short and intimate moment – quick as a flash.

Cause of being so close to the stage ‘Fire and Whispers’ this time seemed like you sit in front of an open fire  with a glass of red wine in your hands staring into the cracking flames. In this song you realized the whole stage in a different way. It seemed you´re on a concert but being in a cinema in the same time with this big screen in the back projecting the flames all over.

What could fit better than ‘Tear Garden’ and ‘Oh Beautiful Town’ following? Nothing. It´s a perfect combination of three wonderful songs.

And while the wheedling tones floated through the air I observed Caroline playing the big drums aside from her drum kit in front of Chris sitting in the back. As if spellbound I watched her how she played the drums with that passion she had. Watched how her doll like face flashed up in the lights. I was fascinated. Torn out of my fascination by Albertos guitar solo I turned around to him seeking this moment. Watching him now I once more recognized his beard once more which already surprised me in Essen. It changed his face but still looking so great with it.

It was time for something fast again so we turned the lights on and ‘Volatile Times’ started to send out its beats into our bodies pushing us through ‘Think of England’ and ‘Nature of Inviting’.

‘Cold Red Light’ well….. Now something comes which I really can´t describe. No which WE really can´t descirbe. We really try hard but well… Ok lets try…

You all know that we are crazy for that song and as we banged our heads like wild animals wanting to break out something happend which surprised us three girls equally. In one moment I had my head down as I heard a bang and a black leather boot was left beside me. I looked up and saw Chris making a step from the stage up to us on the fencing-off. I was that surprised that  I did not know first what to do. I saw his hands reaching for us. So I took one and with my other hand his leg. I turned left and saw the same surprised faces of Triangle Girl and Cross Girl. They both felt the same like me as I recognized in their faces. I saw Triangle Girl catching Chris’ other leg and in this moment Chris turned round to Cross Girl who now carried him on his shoulders. And I will never forget her face as she turned around to me carrying him on her shoulders and as fast as this situation came it was over again. Surreal!

Flashed by that moment I did not really get a lot of ‘Kiss and Swallow’.

Good that there was a short break to sort our thoughts but no time to breathe cause they entered the stage again as Alberto also stepped on the fencing-off but did not try to do a hand-walk. He stepped back to the stage and ‘Bernadette’ began.

Followed by ‘The Alternative’ which started with the special performance by Alberto of his ‘VIOLENTA’ project, as we assume. For that Alberto stepped down the stage and held his microphone into the front row and the audience screamed into it. As well did Cross Girl as Alberto stepped close to her holding the microphone as close as he could to her mouth and both screamed – screamed at each other only separated by the silver sparkling metal in Albertos hands.

So we really needed ‘Bring Me Back A Dog’ to dance all these moments out. The power we had in our bodies wanted to break out and we jumped and danced it away till the last beats of ‘Spit it Out’.

Flashed and paralized by that show we´ve left the venue and went back to our car. Still not believing what we´ve went through that night. What we´ve experienced.

With all these memories in our heads we drove through the night sliding away in the darkness back home.




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