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A night with Noblesse Oblige

Posted in Noblesse Oblige on März 3rd, 2013 by IAMXTourCorner

10.11.2012 – Sabotage, Dresden

“…In my mind I was surrounded by colourful swirls and the smell of the sea…”

Noblesse Oblige

That morning we woke up pretty early it felt like we’ve been closing our eyes only seconds before. I am a night bird and love to stay awake till the sun rises. That’s why it’s always hard for me to stand up at these early hours. With tiny tired eyes we arrived in Dresden and couldn’t really believe to be that crazy to fly through Germany right after we’ve set our feet on German ground only 4 days before after we came back from our trip to Russia to see IAMX. We had a unbelievably great breakfast to get some power and energy cause our hotel wouldn’t let us check in before 3 p.m. and it was now 9 a.m.. Still a long way to go especially when you know you´ll have a long party night which is waiting for you. To kill some time we had some sightseeing and can only recommend to visit Dresden. If you love historic cities and that old architecture you will love Dresden which always reminds us a bit of Prague.

In our hotel we had a nap for an hour or two before we got ourselves ready with red wine and our makeup rituals. With red wine tinted lips we stepped onto the dark streets of Dresden to find our way to the club where Noblesse Oblige would play that night. We were so unbelievably excited cause so far we’ve only seen them as the tour support for IAMX. It wasn’t that easy to find the club cause of it being located in a backyard.
Already when we stepped down the stairs into the darkness of club we felt it will become a gorgeous night.

Our friends Frank and Renate were already waiting inside to start a fabulous night together. The expectations were immense and they fulfilled them by far. Their electronic set sounded full-bodied and strong in that tiny cellar like room.
Surrounded by electric molecules we started to dance to the „Voices in my head“. We couldn’t stand still. Still in motion „Chasing Shadows“ took control of our bodies and minds. It transported us into another world of mystic aesthetics and Noblesse Oblige once more proved how beautiful electric music can be.

Noblesse Oblige Which brings me to the moving „When Thunder Breaks Up Under“ which is full of energy and then turned over into the wonderful slow and melodic „7th Wave“.

It made me close my eyes to dive deep into the melodies. I were torn into another world. In my mind I was surrounded by colourful swirls and the smell of the sea. With this wonderful song they really made me feel like being on a wave and being washed through these swirls. I opened my eyes and recognized Sebastian taking control over the drums. Passionately and in the same time with so much lightness he wormed melodious beats out of the drums to send them out into the red and green light which filled the room.

„Equinox“ came from the dark like the sun rising in the morning to wake up even the last one standing in the farthest corner.

The whole room started to vibrate. You could feel the beat of every moving feet. Stomping and moving and it even didn’t stop especially when „The Great Electrifier“ whirled through the air and made everyone dance and sing along till „The Heat Of The Night“ collapsed over us to make us sweat and feel charged like hot stones from the sun. We were prepared for the oriental touched „Mata-Hari“. Noblesse Oblige are that talented that they really managed to create a powerful and energetic song tinted with the aura which surrounded the legendary ‘Mata-Hari‘.

Noblesse Oblige

Yet too fast it was time for the last 3 songs but they had an ace up on their sleeve.

Before the show Cross Girl and I we talked about what songs they might play and hoped they would play „Daddy Don´t Touch Me There“. You know what? They really answered our wish and played it.This was revelation. We’ve always wanted to hear this song live. We admire this song. It´s such a heavy theme but nonetheless we couldn’t hold ourselves back. We needed to dance our heels off…. Which we didn’t end after Noblesse Oblige finished their unbelievably amazing show. It lasted through the whole night till the daybreak. Throughout the whole night we danced and talked with everyone who was around, laughed and drank some fresh cool drinks till we needed to leave at the crack of dawn cause our train would leave Dresden in a couple of hours. We helped Noblesse Oblige to get their equipment in their car and disappeared in the cold and still dark streets of Dresden.

Back in our hotel we only packed our things. There wasn’t any time to get some sleep. We needed to get our train back to Cologne. But hey who needs a hotel if you have a train to sleep in?
At least not we….





VIDEO by Cross Girl


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