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IAMX on the rocks – shaken and stirred

Posted in Volatile Times on Dezember 19th, 2012 by IAMXTourCorner

Glav Club, St. Petersburg (Russia) – 01.11.2012

My god we were wailing – we were crying our eyes out. No chance – no chance to stop it. It just came from the depths of our hearts! It’s still so hard to describe what went on in us during this one song. I still hear us sobbing till the song died out.”

Cross Girl had the chance to head over to St. Petersburg two days earlier than we (my boyfriend and I). She told us about her first impressions but it was time to get our own impressions about Russia. About the people who live there and about that unknown culture.
The day for us came and we started right into a big adventure.

It’s easy to read something about a country but it makes a huge difference to really live it, to feel, smell, taste and see it.

IAMXWe were so excited of how it might be. You hear a lot of Russia. There are a lot of prejudices about it – like it’s always unbelievably cold, the people are either poor or rich there is nothing in between. They are told to be criminal and sometimes unfriendly. As we passed the endless snowy landscapes right under our feet I thought okay extremely  cold might be right but unfriendly? St. Petersburg proved us wrong nearly instantly when we arrived. To get to our hotel we took a bus and then the famous Russian metro. This metallic tinny beast which swallows you to disappear into the endless dark underground. So we slipped into the metro and instantly an old woman came to us and offered us a seat. It was impossible to talk any word with each other, my Russian is not that good not to mention that I’m not even able to read or talk any word. But we communicated with gestures – they would do. Taking care about us we safely arrived at the right station to leave for our hotel. For me it wasn’t even easy to navigate in this city. Missing language skills and missing street signs didn’t even make it better.

Finally we found our hotel and were happy to have a little rest at least for an hour before we met Cross Girl who lived only a step away in the hotel right next to ours. After eating something together we decided to take a nightly walk through the still busy streets of St. Petersburg.
As we walked around it happened that we accidentally ran directly in half of the band and crew. We couldn’t believe this. Completely simple-minded we walked around right up the street to the Newa river and the winter palace and then ran right into them.
IAMXWith a smile in our faces we continued our walk and felt the snow flakes melting on our skin as we enjoyed this illuminated beautiful city.

Back in our hotel we still had these impressions in our head which made it easy to fall asleep. The 3 hours time shift between Germany and Russia showed its ugly face the next morning. I’ve rarely been that tired but the upcoming night would blow it all away.
Simon still was wandering in dreamland so I packed my stuff and went over to Cross Girls room to finally realize our makeup idea. I already loved it when we’ve been thinking about it in Germany. And now time has come to get the frost and ice in our faces. It really looked like we had been sitting in the cold for hours and ice and snow settled down on our smiley faces.
It was perfect for that night – it was time to let the show begin.
Filled with adrenaline we arrived at the club. I will never ever forget any second of the following hours. Standing there we saw a guy who took pics and videos of the queue. We thought who is that till we realized it was Danny Drysdale who came out to make some videos and interviews with some Russian fans. But then the hardest time came, but vodka was our best friend and helped us through this tough time. We thought in Prague last year it was heavy but this would even prove us wrong. It always can be worse as we now learned. The queuing was a crap. Well I wouldn’t call it organisation it was just a big mess. Hours we’ve spent standing there IAMXwith our faces pushed into that brown gate which covered the courtyard to the location. It was chaotic. Everyone pushed and screamed which became so much heavier the closer time ran to the moment when they will open the door.

Sure this moment came and the craziness had no limits. The gate broke out of its anchorage and the mass poured in like water after a broken dam. It felt like in a beat of an eyelash it all happened and I “woke up” in the front row. The only thing I exactly remember is that I talked to a security guy to get my camera in – which I finally managed but I wasn’t allowed to take any picture. So beauties we’re sorry but for Russia we can’t offer you any pics. But hey sometimes it’s so much better to create a picture in your mind than to simply show it.
The time until IAMX came on stage was tenaciously moving. It felt like it is tough old leather. Our feet were burning and the bodies were tired but waiting for the promised energy the show will definitely bring.
The stage lights dipped everybody’s faces into a strong blue. Shy and cautious the fans started to become impatient. First a nearly silent and then louder they started to scream and clap their hands. Animated by Fidel and Brett in stage they became louder and louder. And in the moment where the tension was nearly unbearable the first tunes criss-crossed the excitement and invited us to take a ride on “The Great Shipwreck of Life”.
My interest was instantly glued on Richard the new drummer. And well what should I say. He blew us away! He brought a lot of energy and power to the show and made it even more intense.
And well a second thing caught my attention. Janines saucy jacket which was that short that you could see her cross taped nipples flashing up from time to time. That perfectly describes the erotic tension which was in the air from the first to the last second of the show.IAMX

That remix of “The Great Shipwreck of Life” is so perfect to bring power to the people. To make them move and instantly push adrenaline in every cell of their bodies.
Chris in comparison to Janine seemed to be quite modest with his turtleneck like collar and his white gloves. They played with that contrast. The more you could feel that sexual tension sizzling between the audience and the band.
The crowd was heavily moving to the pushing beats. Jumping like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve never experienced that before – at least not that heavy. You felt they were starved, they were like sharks smelling the blood. Wild animals and hungry animals!
This show was full of little treasures but the next one was our biggest pleasure.
Something we didn’t ever expect. Something that surprised us that heavy – we were more than just overwhelmed.
It all started with some new tunes. We looked at each other nearly like staring. Eyes wide opened. Pupils as big as a saucer. Widened by the adrenaline. Is it a new song or what do they play and then this wave broke down over us. Like an unexpected storm. They played “Kingdom of Welcome Addiction” and immediately tears flashed up in our eyes. It was the first time ever we´ve heard this song live together. No wonder that the tears ran down our cheeks – that they were fizzing like a IAMXfountain. It was that song that we somehow – without doing it on purpose – we’ve chosen as ‘our song’. The song which describes what we feel about the band and what we feel when we go to a concert and bring it all out to the world through our blog.
My god we were wailing – we were crying our eyes out. No chance – no chance to stop it. It just came from the depths of our hearts! It’s still so hard to describe what went on in us during this one song. I still hear us sobbing till the song died out.

No time to indulge to this. “Ghosts of Utopia” was on its way to thrill us and blow the tears away. Especially Albertos solo part which always makes me close my eyes and feel every single beat in my fingers, my arms, my body. These guitar solo parts do spice this song up and make it even much more to one of my ever live favourites of IAMX.

The right time to let the sexual tension grow up a little more. Time to “Kiss and Swallow”. Carefully Chris took up his live synth to his chest to trigger this all time live classic. Ever since the refrain everybody moved and filled the room with their ‘echo echo’.

“Tear Garden” brought us down a little and gave us some time to watch the stage and take a closer look on the band. During the psychotic drumming I recognized Chris’ longer grown hair which he’d put in a little ponytail. It gave him a mischievous touch. Which he knew to use for “Music People”. A little like Casanova he’d stuck a white rose – which was thrown on stage – between his teeth and started to play the drums to “Music People”.
“Music People” faded immediately over into “The Alternative”, which is always a great possibility for Janine to leave her position at the synth and playing it all out with her guitar. It’s always amazing to see her walking around on stage having so much fun to play with Richard or Alberto to the rhythmic tunes.IAMX
“The Alternative” died out and strident tunes did cut the air into little pieces and calmed down the crowd a little to be ready for “My Secret Friend” but it seemed the audience became too silent. A “I can’t hear you!” by Chris made the audience scream and made them send our secret friend to the river of arms which were stretched up in the air. Pink and orange light made us feel like we can swim forever – together.
As the yellow swinging lights of “President” turned off – sparkling coloured dots appeared on the screen behind the band. It’s headfuck time – it’s glitter time.
We couldn’t resist and even this time we had glitter with us. White glitter which  looked like frost after the first cold winter night. Putting it on our heads to take a bath in it while “Cold Red Light” bangs the shit out of our bodies.
Covered with glitter all over we danced everything out for “Spit It Out”. I recognized Danny with his camera who was around to absorbing the energy the crowd was sending out to the stage. I now realized that he was around all the time. During the whole show to film every great moment of this amazing show.
Time to catch a breath. At least for a little moment.
IAMX came back on stage – relentlessly they really wanted to play every little molecule of energy out of our bodies.
Chris had to drink to that glorious night. With the taste of vodka on his lips he’d “like to party”. He’d put away his medium vodka bottle which was the sign to get some sparkling dust in the air again. Second glitter time.


“Bring Me Back a Dog” nearly broke our necks and we didn’t even care. We can’t help – we need to fucking rock this. There’s nothing which could stop us – not even “Nightlife”. No it only motivates us to go on and on and on. Which ended up in a loud and large roar as “Think of England” caught us instantly and took the last little bit of power out of our bodies. Wringing us out till the last drop was done. The band left the stage and the last tunes were played – happy faces everywhere. Yet again glitter was everywhere. Sometimes I believe we were born with glitter in our veins. It was everywhere on our skin, tongues and hair. Just everywhere. Flying around in the air sparkling to the beats. The way we sparkled on our skin was the way we sparkled from inside. Adrenaline widened our veins and the blood rushed through our bodies – it made us smile and laugh. We needed a beer to drink to that fucking great show. We were covered with bruises everywhere but we were smiling like there would be no end.

Still having the cool taste of beer on our tongues we needed to go back to our hotel right after the show to get at least some hours of sleep, not even guessing what will happen to us in Moscow the next day….






Setlist St. Petersburg



VIDEO by Cross Girl


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