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Posted in Volatile Times on Dezember 24th, 2012 by IAMXTourCorner

03.11.2012 – MilkClub Moscow, Russia

“Colored dots flew over the screen and did herald the start of spreading the glitter around. Glitter sparkles in the colors of the Russian flag hurtled through the air reflecting the light looking like fireflies flying around in a warm summer night.”

Still done from last night we started early to not miss our flight to Moscow.We were curious about how the show in Moscow might be. Last night was such a hardcore show for us and we were already sure that Moscow will be as well.
At the airport we had still a couple of hours time till we would take off. We tried to dawdle away. After we’ve passed the security check we wanted to eat something and sat down in a restaurant and already thought of what we might eat as Cross Girl accidentally noticed that there wasn’t any time yet. Not an hour, minute or second. Check-in already started. We instantly started to scamper  down the hallway. The more we ran the more I thought that hallway had no end. Finally we got our plane. In London we promised each other to never miss any flight again. My god that was tight. Not imaginable what problems this would have caused.IAMX Scant of breath we caved in into our seat and tried to relax a little. But what we did not knew at this point this was the least evil that day.The down going sun had already turned the clouds into orange cotton as we reached the airport of Moscow.

With our luggage in tow we took a bus to reach the first metro station which would lead into the city. That trip took as already one and a half hours and there were still hours to go till we would reach our hotel. And first we needed to get our tickets which meant to find the right ticket office where our tickets have been deposited with. We left my boyfriend behind in the metro to watch over our luggage while the darkness absorbed us. Cross Girl and me we vicambulated in the streets of a somewhat industrial area or whatever this was. Well no matter what it really was but what it definitely was – it was pretty spooky. Only a few street lights and dark shapes passed us. I was relieved when we got back to the metro with the tickets and in our pockets.

We thought ok at least only an hour left and we could stick our feet into our bed and get some rest. Far from it! After a felt eternity we came to the last station which we needed to change trains the last time. Entering the station we noticed a loud mumble echoing in the hall. The metro was full of people and full of a baffled faces including ours. The metro station we need to get to our hotel was closed by security cause of some reason. We tried to find someone who could help us to find a way. But it proved difficult to find someone. We must have been looking forlorn cause on guy then came to us to offer us his help. As things turned out he needed to reach the same metro station as we needed to. He offered us to walk with us. And as we had no other opportunity we followed him. It felt like we’ve walked about 3 or 4 miles and well it might have been something like that. Once more we had someone up there taking care about us and has sent us that nice and kind guy leading us the right way. He was that kind that he offered to lead us to our hotel just to be sure that we really find it. We declined with thanks and walked our way. Ourhands were hurting from weals, we were tired and wanted only one thing – sleep!


But first we needed to apply first aid to Cross Girls maltreated suitcase which lost his rolling feet from being treated to hard at the airport. Makeshift we taped him but we knew he would’t do it that long anymore. Eased we neared us our hotel. Well I wouldn’t call it hotel it more a rat hole – at least the outer appearance of that apartment building looked like that. We were already  11 hours on our feet since we’ve left St. Petersburg and there was still no end of our odyssey but we felt that we were close to it but first needed to only jump one little hurdle. Getting the key to our apartment. I tried to call the number which was given to us to meet a guy handing out the key to us. Unfortunately the number was not available. We saw our hopes dashed. We had only one try before we should have been thinking of how to get a different hotel at about 11 p.m. without speaking any Russian word or knowing where we were. I walked back a couple of meters and entered a luxury restaurant in the hope to find someone who might can help us.

It turned out they could. After I was surrounded by the manager and the staff. Everybody tried to help us. The manager tried to find something out with his iPad while some of the staff tried to reach the number I gave them or someone else who might help us. In between I was really desperate and tried to get a clear mind to find a way to get a new hotel as one staff member really had the luck to reach this guy.

The house was dirty and the corridor smelled from whatever. I did not really care about that but hoped that we will not sleep in an apartment that looks and smells the way the hall did. We opened the door and an immaculate flat smiled at us. We ate something and immediately went to bed to get some sleep after we’ve spent more than 12 hours from hotel to hotel.
The next morning I woke up with untamable excitement. After the breakfast we fast got ready for the show. We dressed up from white in our faces, blue shirt and red legs we looked like the Russian flag.
It was a rainy, damn cold and grey day but we were well prepared – we thought. We had therm trousers, ponchos and hand warmers but this wasn’t enough to be protected for what was waiting for us.
Arriving at the club we met some fans who were already waiting there and some we knew from the show in St. Petersburg.

IAMXThe waiting fans were so kind and sweet to us and to Danny who came out to catch some impressions. And sweet could be nearly taken literally as they shared their chocolate with everyone as well as with Danny who first didn’t want but then obviously enjoyed it. The girls have been talking with us all the time. They’ve been so sweet to us! Thank you girls you washed away the cold a little. But besides them nice fans this queue would nearly kill us. First it was easygoing besides the cold and the drizzle and it easily turned into hell the more we neared us to the admission. The security tried to to push us all back on the kerb, cause once again the club had its entry on the other side of a courtyard and we needed to leave that big gate free for cars who wanted to leave or enter the location. Once more it became more and more chaotic till everyone stood on the kerb but there was nothing to retain to something and from the back the crowd pushed. From the front the security tried to keep us on the curb by pushing a barrier on the kerb stone which would not work cause of the pushing crowd. This chaos became perfect when they disclosed to us that the entry will be now. All barriers broke. I tumbled down the curb right into the barrier which the security guy pushed stout into my leg. Hobbling I was pushed between these security guys who tried to close the gate to get the crowd under control. I sneaked through them and ran towards the entry. I saw a little queue on the courtyard and while I ran I looked back to find Cross Girl which got separated from me while the chaos got out of hand. Relieved I found Cross Girl waiting in the queue and only moments later my boyfriend joined us too. But the hell was still burning. We needed to string up in two rows and the one who literally will break ranks needs to go back to the end of the queue. So everyone tried to stay in row which surprisingly worked quite good when they started to let the first ones enter the club. Once again I had no chance to get my cam inside – no pics from me. But it’s more important to see the show. And well I did not spare a thought of leaving my camera outside till the end of the show.

For a wonder we really got it again – we were in the front row. Still being churned all up inside from the last hours it was hard to come down and get our hearts beat in a healthy rhythm. We could not believe what happened. We never thought that it would be that hard and heavy. Slowly the time crouched. It felt like it stood nearly still and well what should I say. The fans in Moscow perhaps have been frailed from the admittance or whatever. Well they’ve been quite chary and temporizing. Slowly they moved into gear but when IAMX came on stage they gave everything.
Blue light filled the room and built a magical blue aura around the dark figures on stage. Chris started “The Great Shipwreck of Life” with the first lyric line in a recitative way with ‘We all. Fall. Down’ and the stomping scratching beats started to make the crowd move. It seemed as the beats assumed control over the band too. Alberto laid all his energy in playing everything out of his guitar. Richard stretched his drums to the limit as well as Chris jumped around and laid all his energy in his performance.

IAMX‘These fucking beautiful people’ by Chris led over right into the blue of “Ghosts of Utopia” which marked the first moment that night for the fans to show a little of their surprises they’ve prepared for the show. Hundreds of arms stretched in the air holding streamers with ‘PSYCHOSIS’ and ‘DANGER’ written on it. Moving them to the rhythm of this hypnotizing sound. Chris snatched one of these streamers. He tried to tape his mouth with it. No chance too short but instead he had just kept it save in his crotch. It sounded like he was moved by the love which was swirling around in the air. With brittle voice he tried to finish the song. Coated from darkness he’d send out a ‘so fucking sweet’ and instantly “Kiss and Swallow” drenched the whole room into a bright pink and blue before rain fell on our heads to cool us down. For “Tear Garden” the fans kept another surprise which looked amazing. They had light blue and golden frippery which they threw in the air for the refrain. Those metallic sparkles flew around and made us feel like real rain would fall on our skin. Cold and healing! Yet again time for the drumstick ballet of Chris, Alberto and Richard which nearly directly led over into the pushing and stomping “Music People”. Which always gives me strong chills before we’ll be taken to the river. During “My Secret Friend” a few white roses flew on stage – Chris took one. Sticked one between his collar and his chest and saving the other one in his crotch. This one rose he threw back in the audience when the song died out. ‘I’ve been distracted by roses. Thank you so much. This is so amazing. I love you’ and “President” took control of the audiences arms. I believe that really everyone had his arms in the air to move them left and right and make the arms look like leaves of grass in shallow wind. Chris moved energetic to the beats as well as Janine did. She was extremely into the beats. Moving like out of control. Standing at the edge of the stage she fell down on her knees to kiss the stage. Running back in front of Chris and visualized the beats by moving to the rhythm. Pushing her microphone back and forth – singing passionately. Janine was out of breath as she let the crowd knew ‘You shot us’ and in a hurricane of applause “Kingdom of Welcome Addiction” took control over the crowd. I remember the crowd singing along with Chris who took off his hat for a second and educed a delighted squeal from the crowd. Red, blue and purple this song wrapped us up in his warming light and vibrations.

Chris stepped closer to the edge of the stage to reach out to one of the moving arms which held a little poster. He took it and covered his head to finish the song and end up kneeling on stage.
Colored dots flew over the screen and did herald the start of spreading the glitter around. Glitter sparkles in the colors of the Russian flag hurtled through the air reflecting the light looking like fireflies flying around in a warm summer night. And then Chris was crazy enough to jump into the grabbing arms. He was instantly drawn down to the ground. I couldn’t see everything but I guess he dragged down one girl cause when Chris was back on stage he was very worried asking over and over again whether the girl was ok and she was.IAMX
‘This was dangerous. We’ve got one last song for you.’ Chris ringed in the last song – ‘Spit it out’. I was amazed by the audience screaming and singing along the whole song which gave the song a special intense atmosphere. And the fact that they were holding up another surprise in the air – poster with “WE ♥ IAMX” – was making it more intense anyway.
So it was hard to deal with the little break that certainly followed.

Cross Girl and me we decided to take a break from the front row and gave our place free for the other ones waiting for such a chance. We stepped back to the second or third row to take a bath in the crowd too.
The band came back on stage and it was time to let the glitter fly and make them all around us glitter too. “Bring Me Back A Dog” is the right song to do so. Wild and crazy we moved, shook our head, arms – our whole bodies. One time I felt a clunk in my neck and thought ‘oh’ but hey where wood is chopped, splinters must fall.

The next song came along with yellow light and you all know which one this is. Right “Nightlife”. The most impressive moment which I have in my mind from that song were all these arms in the air wearing the glow sticks around their wrists and then singing united at the end of the song. It sounded like a giant choir.
The band again left the stage and came back one last time to let us “Think of England”. Chris came on stage and looked a little like being arisen from his unofficial “I Am Terrified” video. He wore black glittering lipstick and a sailor like leather hat with a vanished visor thrown deep over his eyes.
IAMXThe version they played sounded really special to me like they’ve done it only for that night. Which was worth to call it special!

The band left us speechless and the lights turned on but none of the fans wanted to realize that it’s over. They stayed glued to the front line and seemed to never want to leave.
We decided to get something to drink and then dragging our exhausted bodies to our apartment.
The next day we wanted to see something of Moscow which we actually managed even if we were pretty much exhausted. We were amazed and keen of the architecture of this city.
After some sightseeing we picked out an original Russian restaurant which was a real adventure. Cause no one there spoke any english word. The menu was all written in Cyrillic script without any picture or hint what might hide behind those strange letters. So we randomly picked something and had luck – it was delicious. We tried to chose something a second time but this time we had the help of an Irish girl who came in only a minute ago and actually spoke German, English and Russian. So we picked some more Russian delicacies and can now only recommend the Russian kitchen.
To round out our day in Moscow we decided to have a trip through the impressive metro stations and then soon go home to get some sleep before we fly back to our sweet home – Germany.
Well the next day strained our nerves again. To get our flight we took a share taxi which seemed to be the best solution and we nearly instantly did regret it. Sometimes I did not believe in surviving this trip cause the driver was driving like crazy as well as the other road users did. I don’t know how often we’ve been extremely close to an accident. Well I don´t really want to think back to those 30 Minutes of horror. I was only praying to arrive safe at the airport. Which the driver somehow really managed.
Happy to get home again we took our seat in the plane and slept the sleep of the just…




P.S.: We need to bemoan the loss of a crew member. The suitcase of Cross Girl died away on his last flight. He did not stand the Russian madness. Goodbye little red trunk.



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