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We never wanted to turn the lights on!

Posted in Volatile Times on Februar 18th, 2012 by IAMXTourCorner

MeetFactory, Prague (Czech Republic) – 05.11.2011

“Cause the drums have been the rumble of thunder and every time Chris’ and Albertos drum sticks clashed against each other the lightnings flushed up the room. This night we first recognized truly the genius of that song. ”

Still tired after the last night in Dresden we had to get up very very early cause our plan was it to get us ready for the night already before we arrive in Prague.
Getting us ready meant missing our breakfast instead but it was worth it. We had a new idea which grew in our heads since the concert in Essen in October.
It should have been something very special. On one hand Prague this year would be our last concert in 2011 and on the other Prague is the place where it all began with us three girls.
What was special now with our make-up? This time we would turn everything in negative colours. Instead of black our make-up was white. All white.
With Heidi at our side we left Dresden by train through the grey but still beautiful landscape of Saxon Switzerland.
Outside the hills, trees and little villages rolled along while we feverishly looked forward to THAT night.
Arriving in Prague we somehow felt home. Felt like we know every little corner of this golden town. Somehow everyone of us left a piece of us here one year before. And you return and feel getting a warm welcome back.
This time we thought this will be a special night and we decided to choose a special hotel too. We´ve chosen a so called botel. A hotel on a ship swimming on the Moldau.

And well Heidi was with us there too. She was our guardian angel caring about us all the time. After we checked in we inspected our cabin. Which was big enough for 4 people. 2 big king size beds and sooo many mirrors. Perfect to prepare us for the night. With a peculiar calmness we went out to walk to the MeetFactory. On our way we took some refreshment by eating and drinking something. We decided to walk the rest to the MeetFactory and catch the spirit of Prague.
Only some meters left we thought and saw the location to our right hand located on a high ground. We saw hustle and bustle up that hill and recognized a waving hand. It was Caroline seeing us walking by welcoming us warmly with that nice gesture. Reaching the location a sense of dejà-vu catched me but we were calm and relaxed. It was strange. Usually at this point our excitement reached the first time a very high level but this time…. nothing.
The anteroom generally is used as a bar and café and this time also was a cosy place to wait till the doors to the night would open.
This time we were not the first ones there but we did not care. It was like joining our family. And we decided to take a seat and drink some coffee.
IAMX-Tour-Corner coffee morning.

While time passed by we watched the people passing by coming in and leaving again. Later we changed from coffee to beer. As we sat there a white dog joined us girls. His patterned fur was a copy of our outfit. Cause the make-up wasn´t the only thing we´ve changed from black. We wore white clothes with black colour spots all over.
Following the video of Volatile Times we met in Cologne some days before this show. We went down to the Rhine river and took our clothes and colour with us. Splashing each other with this black colour.
Ok back to the MeetFactory.
This night in Prague we called ourselves the white army. And as Caroline stopped by to have a short talk with us surprised she recognized our outfit change as well. As well she told us about their nightmare the´ve been going through the night after Dresden.
The band was on their way to Prague by car as they had a breakdown with their tour bus. Nothing could help but Reza came to pick up everyone except Caroline and Alberto (no more space in his car) who had to wait till they had a new car which they´ve rented somewhere at the Czech border. No one of the members had lots of sleep that night which you may not have noticed during the whole night. This is professional!

After a while more and more people came to wait and it became louder and busier in that room all the more as James Cook came out to caress our ears with his acoustic performance to his new album “Arts & Siences”.
Noblesse Oblige joined him supporting him acoustically. Successfully he got us in the right mood for the following crazy night. Now it was time for a serious part of that night. I knew already about the problem we had last year before they´ve let the people in but this time it was one million time harder.
The security pushed all people outside. I mean you all can imagine that this might cause trouble and they did not learn ot of their mistakes in 2010. It was pure chaos and a catastrophe.
The meanwhile now very big fan crowd shoved and pushed. They all wanted to go back inside. But no chance and with big worries I´ve looked to my left side and saw Triangle Girl gasping for air. It was so hard to breathe already for Cross Girl and me and we´re way bigger than Triangle Girl was.
After a felt eternity and a hard torture we went through, when the security provoked the waiting crowd and made them angry, it was finally time to open the doors. Which caused much more panic and the crowd pushed forward as if someone pursues them.
I was panic when my thoughts swapped over to my experiences in 2010.
Cross Girl and Triangle Girlr so far never believed how hard it was the first time in Prague but now they do.
And this time it was much harder – so much harder. I watched Triangle Girl trying to get out of this crowd of hands, arms and pushing bodies as she got stuck with her neck onto an arm of a security guy. I again saw her gasping for air and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her disappearing in the MeetFactory. Now it was my time of horror. I needed to go the same way as Triangle Girl. Me too I got stuck on this security arm. Panic grew in my body and as I was half way out my right arm was stuck in the mass. I still had my camera in that hand while I was pushed to the door frame. My left arm was free and my right one with my camera was still in the crowd. As I felt a hand grabbing my left one pulling me. This hand was Cross Girls hand coming back to help me coming out of that nightmare. I screamed in pain and panic as I finally came free and I breathed like I came up to the surface close to suffocating.

Now the only thought I had. I need to go in. And in the black mass I saw one white spot glooming in the dark. So Triangle Girl and me we stood there as Cross Girl joined us when she got her wrist band later then me cause of her heroic deed for me.
I thought could that be true? Is it real? Did we really have the luck to come to the front row again? This is crazy, really. After this nightmare we went through none of us girls did believe that we could ever do it.
After we calmed down from this experience this strange inexplicable calmness filled our bodies again. No tingly feeling, no shaking hands NOTHING only quiet. But a strange nostalgic and sad feeling catched us – knowing that THIS night will be the last time in 2011 and perhaps for a couple of months or a year. Who knows.
We didn´t think about anything anymore as Valerie and Sebastian from Noblesse Oblige entered the stage to perform their set and heat up the audience. Which they really do in an excellent way. And what you could have seen in their eyes was wistfulness, melancholy, sadness and happiness about knowing what they´ve experienced as the support act of IAMX. Lots of new listeners joined their fan base as well as they came in touch with so many people from those various countries and it was nice to know that they felt the same like we did.
And this feeling in their bones made them perform even more enthusiastic and powerful. They´ve played out every little tiny spark of energy out of their souls.
Their electronic voodoo art filled the whole room with magic and you could feel how every little fan got beguiled by their spirit bit by bit till they´ve reached everyone in there. Pure magic. I really get goose pimples now even when only writing about this and it´s nothing to compare about how I´ve felt that one night in Prague.

And again waiting for IAMX. Gosh how often did we do that this tour? If I´m right it was now the 19th time (including Prague 2010 when they´ve played first sketches of “Volatile Times”).
Which leads me to the first surprise of that night. Slowly and devious the “Bernadette (Headfuck Collage Remix)” crawled into our ears widening our pupils and made us aware of what may come only seconds to follow. Accompanied by shrill sqeauling IAMX entered the stage and they instantly started with “Into Asylum”.
And what we already knew from the entry now started again. The grabbing hands transformed into a pushing crowd like a wave starting from the back of the room getting more and more energy till this wave brakes like the sea on a shore. And this crowd had lots of energy which automatically made us move more and more.

I realized that there´ve have been huge screens on every side of the stage. Which optically made the stage bigger as it was anyhow.
Blue light flashed through the air as the stomping beats washed us through “Music People”. And there was nothing left to do. The only thing you could do was – MOVE. Jump, dance, bang your heads or what ever. Just move.
No time to breathe cause the red lights of “Nightlife” already made Albertos whitewashed torso and Chris red stripe, which covered his eyes, glew.
I´ve often described what I feel through “Ghosts of Utopia” and I still can´t find the right words for it. It´s like a hymn and I scream my voice and soul out during the refrain. It just takes me with it. “My Secret Friend” was a welcome time to rest before the whole room catched fire for “Fire and Whispers”. And if I say the room catched fire, it nearly needs to be taken literally. Every screen and wall was filled with fire. The projections made the whole room burn. This is something which stayed in my mind from that concert. It engraved itself in my memory. From flames to flashes
I needed something to cool down and still having the flames in my eyes  on Albertos chest flashed lighting flashes and rain ran over his body. Immediately the room was filled with a big storm as the drumming sounds of “Tear Garden” started. During this song I often heard the girls marvelling at this scenery and well I stood there with my mouth open as well.  Cause the drums have been the rumble of thunder and every time Chris’ and Albertos drum sticks clashed against each other the lightnings flushed up the room. This night we first recognized truely the genius of that song. How the band tried to bring a thunder storm into a musical interface. The best “Tear Garden” performance we girls have seen so far.
Still fascinated by this a very nostalgic moment reached us when “Oh Beautiful Town” took turn with the flashes. It reminded us girls of this one special night which made us to that what we are now. This one night in Prague made us to IAMX-Tour-Corner and I saw the shiny eyes of Cross Girl and Triangle Girl glowing in the light. Telling… ‘Do you remember? One year ago….’.
I was paralized by this moment and I wished my eyes could have taken a picture of this.
“Volatile Times” threw us out of this look back at our beginning and brought us all close to madness. I saw Janine in front of us jumping around as she got down on her knees reaching us dried up girls a bottle of water. I´ve opened it and all I felt was wet hot, really hot but wet water. Didn´t care about that fact and was happy to wet my throat a little. Thank you Janine. Chris left the stage for a second and came back with his face covered with white colour below this red stripe.

No time to rest cause “Think of England” thrilled us followed by a hand walk of Alberto above the heads, wearing a ‘Noblesse Oblige’ shirt performing his solo part. A mix of “VIOLENTA”-times and an artefact of their performance as the IAMX Noise Cabinet. I mean most of you know now what happens?
Yes our personal concert ‘black out’. “Nature of Inviting” followed by “Cold Red Light”. I mean what else than dance yourself away can you do? Right, nothing else. And the audience did. It was a crazy mad head-fuck situation especially when Brett came on stage for “Cold Red Light” to give his best on his guitar. Too crazy, too wild – just madness.
And well “Kiss and Swallow” was pushing us to go on and on and on. But first we need to hold our breath for a short break before the band came back on stage to perform “The Alternative”. But not alone. They were followed by Noblesse Oblige and James Cook, who wore a asian like dressing gown. Fabulous.
It was a visiual overkill. I didn´t know where I have to look at first. First at Janine playing with Noblesse Oblige or at James Cook grabbing Chris` megaphone to scream? I didn´t know.

I was just smashing my head from the left to the right and back to understand what happens on stage and to not miss a single moment. And as it was over the special stage guests wanted to leave but Chris begged them to stay for another song to perform “Bring Me Back A Dog” all together.
This was too much. I saw only hair and white flashes banging around from my ladies right to me and me I did the same.
And again a bottle reached over to us by Janine helped us to survive this head trip. Now it was time again for the most loathed moment in a concert. The last song – “Spit It Out”. Not because we don´t like it – no its vice versa. But it´s the last song of a concert. Indifferent by this fact we gave all again and got a kiss on the hand by Janine which we gave one back in return.
I tell you this concert was hardcore, no…. no that´s not true. It was HEARTCORE!
A unique and unforgettable night and this time “Spit It Out” wasn´t the last song. It only marked the end of the first part of the ‘show’.
And as I told you we dance a lot we´ve sweat like hell during the concert. We urgently needed to drink something cause the room was really hot and we were sweat out as we met our German friends Ida, Meike and Heidi joining us for a drink or two.

All you could have seen were happy smiling faces and exhausted bodies after this hot show and this unbelievable year we´ve all been through.
Heidi told us that already when Nobless Oblige played she were outside waiting to get inside. There was no organisation for the entry. It was a mess. Hope in the future they really learn out of it and change things to do it better the next time.
We brought our clothes to the wardrobe and being well prepared we rebuilt our make-up like there wasn´t anything.
Freshly styled we went back to the Party where already Wolfgang Flür (a former member of the German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk) obliging his dj set with us. Later he take turns with Terence Fixmer (a french electronic dj and club act). For this the security reduced the dancefloor into a smaller room. Separating the stage from the party people. It felt more intimate so that Terence Fixmer could spoil our ears and bodies a better way with his amazing dj set filled with IAMX remixes and other great electronic and independent music.
As we walked around we astonishingly saw that lots of people already left the location although IAMX announced their appearance at the aftershow party.

We´ve crossed the merchandise sector as well as a little room where people could have left their creativity by painting, writing or doing something for the band. So that there´ve been already lot´s of things in this room but there still was a little space for us too. We took paper and felt-tips to leave a little salute to the band.
We left this room the same way we came and met Caroline and Nobless Oblige and we used the chance to take a picture together for our memorie box at home.
Back on the main dancefloor again we met Caroline and Valerie dancing with us, celebarting and drinking with us to this incredible year.
As we´ve been already drinking a lot nature was calling so Cross Girl went out to the toilet as she came back excited and stammering something.
Cross Girl took Triangle Girl and me with her saying something with ‘the crown’, ‘the girl’,'the girl with the crown’, ‘toilet’ and much more things we couldn´t really understand.

She introduced Edina from Budapest to us as the scales fell from my eyes. I saw it was the girl we´ve met on Facebook a while before. Edina made us aware about the incident in Olomouc where Chris´s lost his crown. Till that moment we only know that someone took it. Chris had lost his crown in at the edge of the stage and the crown fell down into the photographers ditch. One of the photographers found the crown and gave it to one girl in the crowd who asked him for the crown. Well…. the girl disappeared and with her the crown. And you now may think how did Cross Girl and Edina met without haveing a fixed date and why do they think about how the crown gets lost? First: Cross Girl wanted to step in one of those toilet cabins as she realized that there was already someone in who forgot to close the door properly. As Cross Girl excused herself and wanted to go Edina hold her back and saw that it was Cross Girl. Well this is how its one thing after another.
Second: We couldn´t believe that someone actually took the crown away. How could someone do this? We don´t know.

But we are amazed and honoured how far this crown has travelled. It´s a pleasure to see that it became a part of the show for a while. Well back to Edina. Thank you Edina for asking the girl to give it back to the band and for giving us this unique moment which we keep in our hearts as one of the highlights from 2011. After we´ve talked for a while Edina left the location and we didn´t ever want to turn the lights on.

Vivacious and in high spirits we danced all our energy out. Accidently I witnessed a shadowy figure passing by behind the curtain and I realized it was Chris. And from this second I knew he will not show his face that night again. We danced and celebrated our time together.
When a bulk of people gathered into a mob around a staircase leading up from the roof of the room down to the dancefloor. And only moments later the door opened and a gloomy ray filled the dark air with white light. A shadow appeared in the door and you could see Janine coming down the stairs really daring to show her face knowing that there will be hundrets of arms grabbing for her. We decided to watch this spectacle from a distance and wait for what else might happen that night. As the turmoil was over Janine was gone and the crowd who was in a lather turned back into a dancing one. As we recognized Alberto who flitted through the crowd having a short talk here and there as he disappeared too. Later again Caroline and Valerie came back to dance one more time with the crowd before they disappeared in the night which tended to its end.

Meanwhile it was already 3:30 a.m. when the lights actually turned on and the music faded away.
No this couldn´t have been. Really! We asked for one more song. One last one to let this night end properly and Terence Fixmer granted to our request by playing this breathtaking and really astonishing outstanding remix of “Ghosts of Utopia”. We felt like free birds. The beats filled our bodies and we three girls felt like being the only ones there.
This time it wasn´t “Spit it Out” marking the end of something. It was “Ghosts of Utopia” marking the end of this night and the end of 2011.
The end of this unimaginable year for us.
What has a beginning has an end. Yes pretty wise.
That´s why we left the MeetFactory in an excellent mood to have a little talk outside with the last survivors of this party before we walked back to our hotel. Which we now saw was a long long way. About 30 minutes by feet we needed to walk back but we didn´t care and were accompanied by our guardian angel Heidi.
The night was short but after 3 hours of sleep we went up as Heidi reminded us of our breakfast. And we felt like being at captains dinner in this wonderful ambience of this boat. The room was filled with golden sunlight reflected by the river flowing along. Strengthened by the breakfast we left the golden city of Prague to get our plane back to Cologne. Where our ways were separated – for the moment.
But we will be there together again. It goes on with IAMX and definitely with us girls too…!

Keep your eyes open!
The madness continues….





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