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A volatile second…

Posted in Volatile Times on Januar 23rd, 2012 by IAMXTourCorner

Beatpol, Dresden (Germany) – 04.11.2011

“Chris leant himself over us right into our faces that you nearly could feel his lashes grazing our faces for a volatile second.”

Once bitten, twice shy we would say after the airport disaster we had in London and we learned out of it by checking in online. Not again we would miss a flight! We swear! Triangle Girl and me we were already waiting at the airport as  we were bit paniced by waiting for Cross Girl who had our boarding passes and she was late or as she said right in time.

At the gate we breathed with a sigh of relief as we saw the boarding didn´t start without us and we sat down as we heard a voice saying that our flight will be delayed. The reason was a delayed flight from Munich and we waited there if I remember right about an hour later we took our seats in our plane.

We believed again that someone or somewhat didn´t want us to miss this plane the night before the show of IAMX in Dresden.
Concered about the loud noises in the plane we landed happy in Dresden. While we walked towards the exit of the airport we talked about our possibilities how to reach our hostel the best way. As a man about 35-37 years asked us whether he can help us and could take us to our hostel.

A bit worried – I mean you read and hear a lot of strange and evil things in modern times – we thankfully took his offer and he actually brought us to our hostel and didn´t want anything from us. The only thing he said that it was a pleasure for him and he only wanted to do a good deed – nothing more.

Happy about our luck we arrived in our room and thought that this was one of our luckiest days we had so far. As I once told you we´re not that spiritual but we thought there might be something special our lucky number “3″.
We are 3 girls, the room number was 3 and the time we arrived in our room was 21:33. Some might say come on – but 2011 teached us about spiritual belief.

Soon this year and this tour would be over. Only tomorrow and the night after tomorrow and it would be done – unfortunately. With this in our heads and all these memories of 2011 in our hearts we decided to drink to that and have a little walk. And as we walked and talked we crossed one corner and immediately were in front of the ‘Beatpol’ which would be the home for IAMX the following night.

Happy we saw there would be possibilities to drink and eat something as well as being protected in the case of rain. Satisfied we went back to our hostel and stepped in our beds with a hell of excitement burning in our bodies.

The next morning while Cross Girl and Triangle Girl took their shower I really got it and brought our so far last report about the show in Mons, Belgium in October online. Happy about that and excited we left our hostel to take the tram into the city of Dresden to do a little bit of sightseeing for our cultural heart in us. And what we can say is that Dresden is awesome. Hisotrical, modern and reminded us of Prague. Sure we did our sightseeing by only walking by and not really making a hold and find something out about the monument we see but it was the excitement sparkling in our bodies which led us back to our hostel. And it wasn`t only the concert of that night it also was the idea of our make-up for this show which let millions of butterflies fly around in our guts.
We thought this might be the before last show in 2011 and we wanted to do something special. So we decided to use the gestures we used in our last video.

You all know the 3 chinese apes closing their eys, ears and mouths with their hands? This is what we used in our video and wanted to use for our make-up in Dresden.
So Triangle Girl ‘didn´t hear’ anything, Cross Girl ‘didn’t see something’ and me I ‘couldn’t say’ anything. Covering our ears, eyes and mouth with black painted hands coverd with glitter.

I couldn´t say why but I was more excited than I ever was before one show. With fast big steps we reached the ‘Beatpol’ in about 10-15minutes by feet and before we passed the last corner Cross Girl asked me to have the first look around the corner.
It´s always a curious moment before we reach the doors of a location. I took a look around and relieved I saw only 2 girls standing there talking and watching the posters covering the walls of the club.
Very fast we came into contact with them and talked and talked as I realiezed that something was different than all the other shows before as I recognized what was different. It hit my head like a crash. I´ve forgotten my camera in the hostel. Me – I – DID FORGOT MY CAMERA. You may think this was a joke but it wasn´t so I ran back to the hotel to get my camera and laugh about me forgetting this in my excitement.

All was so relaxed. We had “drinky – the off-licence” providing us with drinks. You do laugh – but “drinky” was its name and we knew this will somehow become a running gag between us 3 girls.
Later as we waited there we met lots of known faces again as well 2 girls from Poland which we remember their faces from Prague in October 2010 as well as from Berlin this April.
Slowly the entrance was filled with fans waiting and with the raising of level of alcohol  in our blood we started to sing IAMX songs to banish the cold out of our bodies which tried to conquer our arms and legs starting from our toes.
As it became colder we decided to step in and continue waiting in the stairwell. I´ve to say that the concert room was in the first floor of the building.

Step by step we imperceptible climbed up the stairs as we nearly reached the doors of the concert hall.
Finally it was time to enter the venue and be sure that once more we had the luck to enter the room and being in the front row. Happy I saw the two polish girls on my right side knowing that they havn´t been in the front row yet and I saw the happiness in their faces glittering in their eyes.
It felt so private again. Our heads layed down on the boxes and the stage was as tiny as my living room is. It felt like a house party or something.

Not waiting too long our wonderful ‘Noblesse Oblige’ entered the stage.
They were so brilliant again and the only thing you could do is sing along, shake your heads and scream and dance. Stomping beats filled the room and made our hearts flutter. They played their common setlist but also made something special for the fans and played a song they havn´t played during this tour so far. It blew away my mind. It immediately touched me. Valeries special voice gave this french song a soft touch cuddling our ears – caressing us.
As I told you the stage was tiny they really didn’t have any space to move up there on stage. So Valerie decided for ‘May they come with spears and knives’ to leave the stage and perform her voodoo dance in the audience. It reminded me of an african tribe surrounding the dancer clapping their hands and sing and yell. As well as the soft light increased this impression. This really was an experience. The audience loved it! So did we!

Only 30 minutes left till the show would start and we were so excited which we never have been. It felt like a tornado is rushing in our bodies.
As the silhouettes of the band appeared on stage the room was filled with screaming people knowing that now it´s going to be mad and crazy.

The first stomping beats of “Into Asylum” cutting the voices into pieces pushing the people to jump and scream “Walk into asylum….” synchronous like a choir. It felt like being an unit together with the band, the song and the beats. It felt like the whole room including the stage jumped to the chorus.

To “Nightlife” for the first time I recognized what Chris was wearing round his head. First I thought it was a sleeping mask or something but then I saw in the red lights that it was a mud green tie round his head. Covering his right eye. And then I realised why he wore it. On a show before Dresden in Olomouc (CZ) our hobo feather crown we gave him in Berlin sadly disappeared and never was seen again so he perhaps thought to wear something different again.

Now he wears a moss green tie. And while I realised that I saw Chris leaning himself several times over our heads. This was surreal and somehow I watched it like seeing but not understanding it. And as I was over that Janine came over leaning herself down to us so close and near that you could have felt her body heat. She danced to the beat over our heads with her face down right next to ours. Electrifying.

The audience screamed their souls out when Chris came close to the edge of the stage holding his microphone into the audience as someone behind us grabbed it and threw it back. Chris had trouble getting it back as more and more hands grabbed after it. Me I thought no way and I grabbed the cable trying to help him getting his ‘voice’ back to start over with “Ghosts of Utopia”.
During this song there`s been a moment which took our breath away. Close to the end of “Ghosts of Utopia” Chris leant himself over us right into our faces that you nearly could feel his lashes grazing our faces for a volatile second. Going down in front of us like singing right into our faces. This was surreal.

When the first sounds of “My Secret Friend” reached my ear I was reliefed to have a second to breathe and come down.
I really didn´t get much from “My Secret Friend” by still feeling like being in a nother world when I´ve really smelled the cracking sparks of “Fire and Whispers”. Instantly the room was nearly silent absolutely devout. A moment of red magic feeling the audience listeing carefully closing their eyes imagening to sit close to a warming open fire.

As you all know fire needs rain to die and so the last tunes of “Fire and Whispers” died in the rising sounds of “Tear Garden” which blow the fire away and made the rain coming. Rushing down the walls behind the stage cooling down our minds and making us ready for “Oh Beautiful Town”. Which was dedicated , as Chris said, to Carolines blood line. As Caroline originally comes from Dresden it really touched me and made me happy to witness this moment together with her in her home town.  Well and what can I still say to that song? It always makes me melancholic and speechless. Brings me close to tears and flashes me out of it when Alberto starts his guitar solo at the end of this beautiful piece of music.

“Think of England” brought the audience back to their energy which was necessary for this neck and voice killing song duo “Nature of Inviting” and “Cold Red Light”.

‘I love you, I hate you’  groaned in the speakers when Chris sang no screamed it into his feather decorated now pink megaphone and the audience tried to counter.
Beauties do I still need to tell you what happens with us during “Cold Red Light”? I guess no but just let me say some words to it.

I mean the only thing I do remember of that song is my burning aching neck and some  shadowy misty scenes I do have in my mind. Like flashing lights, fast moving  instruments rushing by when I opend my eyes for a little moment and Chris being sometimes closer than I imagined him to be. “Cold Red Light” is always only a misty moment. Often we do not really see or get much of it. We only move our bodies, shake and bang our heads and wake up out of our psychotic rush when the last beats of it die away.

After a very short break IAMX came back on stage to play 3 more songs.
Chris stepped closer to the audience to dry himself, his chest, arm pits and his crotch with a white towel to throw this sweaty one into the audience.

With “The Alternative” they´ve played an all time classic song and then led over to a song which I thought it would not be played that night. Cause I was already disappointed when I saw the setlist on stage seeing that they´ve cut out “Bring Me Back A Dog”. The more I was in rage and ecstasy when they in deed played it. I couldn´t believe my eyes and ears. This is mad wild head kill. My god how I love that song and how this rapes my mind so hard.

Yes I´m going crazy for that song.
And now “Spit It Out” had again the sad quality to mark a concerts end.
I´ve witnessed Alberto covering his mouth with red gaffer tape looking over to Chris. Who couldn´t believe his eyes as he lifted up his tie to tear it off his mouth.  Alberto was spitting it away litterally spitting it out.
Well, it broke me into pieces by knowing together with the next night it will be the last time listinening to it live for a longer time. It made me melancholic but this night it felt like it was the last one.

The show, the atmosphere was unique. You felt the band was in an excellent mood having so much fun on stage and transporting it to the audience. Just MAGIC!
This mood brought us home back into our beds like giving us wings. I felt vivacious and together with our friend Heidi, who was in the same hotel like we were, we walked back in the cold dark misty night to rapidly find into sleep for our IAMX-Tour-Corner final in the golden city of Prague.







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