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Grey skies over Blackfield Festival

Posted in Volatile Times on Juni 29th, 2011 by IAMXTourCorner

Blackfield Festival, Gelsenkirchen (DE) – 25.06.2011

“Look at me. What have I become. I am lost, I was once a gentleman. But the thief came out…….. So I must leave you now”

Ok lets start with that early, very early morning. I needed to stand up at 5 already. Taking a shower and making myself ready for the show at night.

It was the first time since the girls and me we are making trips together that I needed to get myself ready alone. Preparing my make-up and outfit for that night. It was feeling bit strange cause we were already used to doing it all together after these 8 shows we´ve seen this year so far.

Ok ready and so excited I started to go to Cologne and first needed to take the bus. While waiting there I nearly caused an accident. A man in his car passed by staring at me and not caring about his direction. When he turned back his head he recognized how close he already has been to the kerb.

Still amused about that I arrived at Bonn’s main station and I thought to get some money from the bank before going to Cologne.
There really wasn´t spared anything to me. I mean what else should have happen then me looking like one of the beagle-brothers, coming into the bank meeting the guys from the security van . They watched me carefully but recognizing that I only wanted to get some money in a legal way.
Arriving in Cologne it already started to rain and wasn´t stopping for the rest of the day. Somehow this was like an omen for this festival day.

After 2 hours by train and bus we arrived at the festival. Ready with our wristbands we entered the area and were suprised about how many people have been there already with this grey weather.
Shoving themselfes under that tiny roof which covers the stage.

The area itself was a tiny amphi theatre with a minute stage located beside a river.
During the whole festival you could have seen ships passing by and sometimes some were stopping by to listen a while like licence-dodgers.

Ok back to the festival itself.

We felt a bit like a square peg in a round hole. Cause the rest of the music besides IAMX wasn´t really our cup of tea but it shortened the long waiting time till our heroes of the day will enter the stage.

And yes the grey weather kept its promise. The festival was ill-starred in a way.

Already with the first band ‘Burn’ the technical problems started and they continued during the whole line-up. Unfortunately.

And I am not sure whether the really strong hurting beats which were pounding out of the speakers during every show act were normal or even this a result of the technical problems.
I usually don´t wear ear plugs during concerts or festivals but I really needed them cause the beats were hurting heavily in chest and ears. No less Cross Girl, who is the hardest of us three girls by being a festival junkie, needed ear plugs to stand the beats.

Still feeling the sound waves in our bodies it was time to let the fever rise and watch the stage construction for IAMX.

But this seemed to be bit unorganized. Bit like a messy room or like someone threw all the instruments on stage and see what comes out.

The stage was tiny but it took a while till all was in the right place. And during the construction time you recognized that there are already technical problems. Wrong sound channels and the vocals of Chris and Alberto did not work during the soundcheck.

Delayed, IAMX entered the stage and now it felt like years gone by since we saw them the last time. It really felt like coming home and see old friends after a long trip! It was great to see how the band noticing us being there again, getting a wink or a nod.

A warm feeling of happiness, excitement and joy fell over us.

We were ready for the show and the band gave us what we were craving for.

They played a wild energetic and impulsive show.

Chris came on stage covering his head with a hoodie, so did Alberto. Janine was dressed very classic in a way and Caroline looked great too, as usual.

The set started with ‘Music People’ and very fast you recognized Chris in a special mood. Yes let me explain it with special mood. I guess he was bit drunk and well not amused about the technical problems wich started with the first song. Where has Chris vocals been?


Besides this, ‘Music People’ was beating my brain hard and powerful. It was resuscitating my inner hungry beast after it was resting for 2 month already since I´ve seen them last in April.

They changed the stage design a little and instead of that golden amputatet shop dummy this time a metallic beer jar was used for the drumming madness at the end of ‘Music People’.


For the next song, I first was way too irritated that they are not playing ‘Volatile Times’ next. I mean… hey we´ve seen 8 shows this year and you´re pretty used to the setlist than. In your mind you already hear the next song when the other one ends.

‘Nightlife’ was powerful as usual and led directly over into ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ which is usually killing my voice on every concert. Screaming “This is psychosis, this is psychosis” is making me ecstatic and bang my head to the beats.


For ‘Tear Garden’ two white umbrellas were waiting for their showtime – in vain. Instead of that Chris chose a very theatralic way of acting for that song. In one moment Chris stood up from the stage closing his jacket with one hand in an oversensitive way and sent a very wistful gaze to the grey sky.


During ‘Bring me back a dog’ Chris was very impulsive and perhaps mad that still some technical problems were persisting. Being perhaps outrageous and mad about that, he threw himself around on stage. Drumming wild with his hands on Albertos drums and letting himself fall down right behind a big speaker. He disappeared there completely and after a moment you could see him comimg up, saying ‘ I can’t leave you alone, right?’ and they started to play ‘Nature of Iniviting’.

This was our moment, which we´ve been waiting for. Seeing Chris wearing our crown again! Only for that moment we had an ace up our sleeves.

Chris did put on our crown in the right moment, pointing on us girls singing ‘I Love you’. Right in that moment we took out our own little black feather crowns, putting them on and enjoying this unique pure moment of joy.


Screenshot from our hidden video

And then the setlist was nearly done – unfortunately.


The last song came for that day – ‘President’.

While Alberto tried to conduct the audiences arms to the circus like beats of ‘President’, Chris became a little more pissed-off of that technical problems. Again his vocals didn´t work right and in one moment he sat down on one of the front speakers holding his microphone in front of them and there usually should have been a massive feedback but nothing more than a little peep rolled out of the speakers. Smiling mischievously he said “I want my vocals back.”. But he didn´t – unfortunately.


Nerved by that and perhaps because of the fact that he needed to shorten his setlist, he threw his micro away and left the stage as if to say “Look at me. What have I become. I am lost, I was once a gentleman. But the thief came out…….. So I must leave you now.”.

So unfortunately for the above mentioned moments we will not offer you a video from this show. It would leave the impression of a bad show at the expense of the band. The band itself was not responsible for the technical problems and the consequences. So we´re really sorry but instead, as a compensation we can offer you loads of pictures from that show.

I´ve to say that this time I enjoyed taking pictures even more. We had a really nice security guy, which first took away my cam after the first three songs, but then giving it back to me after noticing that I was only there to see IAMX. And as well whereas I took some pictures of Alberto, he started to play with me and my cam – such a joy.

Ah yes and before I forget this little personal nice moment between Alberto and me.

Cause of seeing them now the 9th time this year, Alberto noticed my new haircut showing it to me with a little gesture. Thank you for being that attentive, Mr. Alvarez. ;)

Ok beauties we once more appologize for not having a video, but we decided to leave it in our private archives. Perhaps you´ll see some moments of this show in a summary video of the whole day which Cross Girl may upload soon.

We´ll keep you informed.









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