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A gift from above

Posted in Volatile Times on Mai 10th, 2011 by IAMXTourCorner

Backstage / Werk , Munich (DE) – 19.04.2011

“This was blowing away our mind and turned us into a crazy wild bunch of dancing beasts banging our heads to the beats of ‘Cold Red Light’.”

It was time to leave Berlin after having a rest for some days doing sightseeing and having fun in this inspiring, creative spot of cultural diversity. This day already promised to become a special one. Not only that in the night we´re going to see IAMX live in Munich, no it was the day of Cross Girls birthday. So the upcoming concert was kind of her birthday party in a way. To get to the party we took the plane from Berlin over to Munich.

Triangle Girl who flew over from Cologne was already waiting for us at Munichs airport. We took the train to the centre of Munich to get to our hotel. Arriving there the receptionist told us that our room isn´t ready yet cause they´re still renewing it but they were very kind to call a cab to bring us to a partner hotel to check in. Arriving there we recognized that it was much better than our usual hotel cause it was right around the corner of the main station. Couldn´t have been better.

After being ready for the show we left our hotel and we were a little ‘anxious’ about the reaction of Munichs people. I mean Bavaria is known for its conservative attitude. And we were surprised by their open mind. The location of the show was first a very small club called ‘Backstage Hall’ but they changed it over to a bigger one the ‘Werk’ cause of those many people wanting to see IAMX live in Munich. Me I prefered the small one but well we´ve been talking about this before several times. Again we´ve been too early but we had the luck to find something to sit while waiting.

If we would have been brave enough we already could have been trying to get in. Cause when we arrived there, the big doors leading to the stage were open and no one really cared about someone having a look into the venue. But sure we don´t want to cause problems or so and we wanted to resist for sure – yes we stayed outside waiting. Killing the boring time somehow was hard. But we found a way by joking around about Cross Girls ‘awesome’ birthday party she was giving for us out there. After a while we had a little talk to Valerie from ‘Noblesse Oblige’.

Did we already tell that she is such a lovely and nice person? We did? Well can´t say it often enough ;) Later lovely Lucy and her friend from the UK joined us. We also got to know her lovely parents and we felt they were pretty happy seeing us knowing them being in good company with us.

Did I mention that I ordered excellent weather for Cross Girls birthday? No? We had sun and really agreable weather. While we enjoyed the time in the sun Betty and her friend Carina from Austria joined us chatting with us till the doors opened.

And I was surprised about the venue in a positive way cause it offered good places as well for the people who arrive later. So that all visitors could have a great view on the stage. As I already mentioned the ‘Werk’ was bigger than the ‘Backstage Halle’ and there was much more place for all those IAMX lovers out there who wanted to join the show. And they did.

We´ve been a little bit sad cause we knew that this night would be the last one for us to enjoy ‘Noblesse Oblige’ for a longer time. Cause due to a lack of technical preconditions ‘Noblesse Oblige’ could not take part at the following show in Frankfurt. So we enjoyed it much more.

Noblesse Oblige

Cause of seeing them so often and already listening their album up and down we by now could  sing along most of the songs partly. And this is what makes fun. Singing with the artist. Singing the songs you like and enjoy. Me I really like the moment after ‘Equinox’ when Valerie takes her ‘cape’ off disclosing her wild curly mane. And you know the show now starts to get wild with beats and tunes from Sebastians guitars. By now I really can´t tell which of the songs from their setlist I like most. I enjoy every song in itself.

Noblesse Oblige

There was one moment which brought a big smile onto my face. Between 2 songs – I don´t remember which ones – Valerie pointed on us telling: “These are my girls. Seeing every show.” God that was so great. ‘Noblesse Oblige’ are really marvellous.

And about half an our later the lights turned out, the little red light on stage turned on and ‘Music People’ opened the door to an exceedingly great show. Again Chris entered the stage hiding one half of his face under a magnificent embroidered veil starting to make the crowd move. And they did it – they did it wild.

The crowd in Munich was very special cause they´ve sent out waves of love to the stage. They clapped, danced and joined in the singing from the first row to the last.


As we all know Chris loves to change the lyrics somehow so he did for ‘My Secret Friend’. Instead of ‘My Secret Friend’ he sang ‘My Secret Friends’ looking at us. And it wasn´t the last time this night that he changed the lyrics. As well he did it through ‘President’ singing “For all you lonely girls”. Did he mean us? Could it be? Did he really mean us? We don´t know and perhaps we will never but it gives us joy.

Nevermind lets go on with the show.

Again rain fell down from the roof dripping on our heads stealing our minds sending us to the ‘Tear Garden’. Chris pulled out an umbrella to protect him from the enlighted drops and threw it enraptured by the love of the crowd into the audience directly into Cross Girls arms. Such a wonderful birthday gift for her.


And in that moment something was so clear which was said some days before while her grandmother got layed to rest. During the prayer service the pastor prayed for god giving Cross Girl and her family lots of comforting things to console the pain. Having this in your mind you now understand that sign. It was her birthday and she got an umbrella as a gift during the song ‘Tear Garden’. She really couldn´t get a better consolation than that.

And the following song made everyone in the room remaining silent. If you would have been carefully listening you could have heard a fallen pin. It was magic. Come on… You all know which song we mean! Yes, ‘I Salute You Christopher’. While Chris was singing in admiration for Christopher Hitchens his big lash which covered only one of his eyes swang up and down to the slow and carefully sung words of the song.


During one song. I actually don´t remember which one it was I reached out my hand to the stage and Chris took off his sweaty black neck band and flipped it directly into my hand.

Thank you for all those gifts you made us that night in Munich and overall!

At the end of ‘Nature of Inviting’ I couldn´t believe my eyes. I discovered our crown in the back, hanging on one of the drums made out of arms. Chris took our crown put it on and had fun with it the rest of the show. This was incredible! I couldn´t believe that and our crown is still looking so good after all it was going through. This was blowing away our mind and turned us into a crazy wild bunch of dancing beasts banging our heads to the beats of ‘Cold Red Light’. Still incredulous by what happened on stage some moments ago we danced and looked on stage when ‘Noblesse Oblige’ joined IAMX for their performance of ‘The Alternative’. This was such a delight to see them all together performing, beating the drums and catching the audiences energy.

Which was still in the air after ‘Spit It Out’ led this crazy show to an end. And Lucy was so overwhelmed that she hugged me after the show for a felt eternity. It always makes me so happy seeing befriended people running around with a big happy smile all over their face after the show.

Overwhelmed by this crazy night we went out to drink something and what could have been more obvious than to drink a typical bavarian beer. Well you all need to know that if you order a typical bavarian beer you do not a get a normal sized one. You get a litre of beer!

This was the final straw for us after losing all our energy through this unimaginable night.

Dazed by the impressions we went through we came back to our hotel to rest for some hours before leaving Bavarias capital city….

…. to be continued






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