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The curtain falls in with the drums

Posted in Volatile Times on April 27th, 2011 by IAMXTourCorner

Essigfabrik, Cologne (DE) – 08.04.2011

“I don´t understand why you are always so early. I always tell the people to be in the back to get the best out of the music.”

This day started quite normal if you think of that fact, that this day we were about to start our ‘spring’ tour through Germany. So me I went up, packed my things and went out to Cologne to get the car.

All was a bit unsure about the whole tour especially for Cross Girl. Cause her beloved grandmother found her way to heaven the night before.

Yes ok not everything was quite normal that morning. A grey sky lay over our tour start but we were sure that sun would rise and the clouds would be blown away by the beats of the night.

I rushed through Cologne to Cross Girl to get ready for the show that night.

I know you already know what we do before the show but it belongs to it so it has to be said. We were really excited cause IAMX were about to play in the hometown of IAMX-Tour-Corner and for us it was a home play.

Yeah we started too early and yes we felt a bit silly sitting there waiting…. Waiting while passing truckers paying attention to what we do there and what we look like and some were that – eh…. amazed? – that they honked. But we´re nice girls waving back while they disappeared at the horizon.

Not that long and it got a bit more interesting for us. The first of the IAMX ‘busses’ arrived with Caroline, the equipment and Reza who saw us there already waitng and he was like ‘Come on!’.

No we were not freaking out. We`re professionals ;O) We remained there sitting / standing like there is nothing special and sometimes snatching a little glimpse on what was going on. All was quite again when a taxi stopped infront of us and Amy – a freelance reporter – came to do an interview with Chris. Reza asked us why we are there always so early. He always tells the people to stand in the back to get the best out of the music. But we can’t help. We need to be infront to feel the energy IAMX is sending out from stage like a big wave rushing over your heads making you crazy.

Furtheron Reza asked us to help Amy enter the area and we were allowed to wait there a while sitting in the sun talking to Amy. I´ve to say that Amy is handicapped and can only see shadows or sometimes more. It depends on the light falling in.

While we waited there with Amy having a nice talk the rest of the band arrived. Chris, Janine and Alberto passed by with their luggage having a short glance on us – smiling and disappearing in the dark of the shadows casted by the big doors which lead into the arena for the night. It was time for Amy to leave us for her interview and when she came back she was amazed about the interview she had with Chris. Before she left us she promised to send us the interview she had with Chris. If she keeps her promise – gonna let you know here.

So Cross Girl and me we went back to our place outside of the area waiting at the right point to enter. Meanwhile Triangle Girl, friends and known faces from other shows joined us and time passed by a bit faster. OK yes I will not take that long anymore for the foreplay here and soon come to the main thing – the concert. But first…..

IAMX were a little late with their soundcheck and we entered the Essigfabrik about one hour later than supposed. No don’t ask where we´ve been again – YES front row. No worries ;o)

After a too long time to wait our now really beloved ‘Noblesse Oblige’ entered the stage to heat up the audience for IAMX. The Cologne crowd was so open minded and welcomed them with a warm and loud applause. It was so wonderful to see the appreciation ‘Noblesse Oblige’ recieved by the audience. Their show is really extraordinary and so special and fits the whole concept so well in the same time. First tunes raised and the audience was immediately into the music. Catching the energy and bringing it back on stage with clapping hands and loud rejoicing. It was a pleasure to see that ‘Noblesse Oblige’ really enjoyed performing infront of that loving crowd.

Noblesse Oblige Noblesse Oblige

The impatient audience heated up already by the support act welcomed IAMX on stage in a loud sea of cheering, whistling, clapping hands and love. It really felt like being home. I was so proud of the crowd in Cologne. I already knew they are crazy and I wasn´t disappointed – no i was amazed. Thank you Cologne.

I heard some people say “oh the show was dark” but if I look back to the shows in Benelux before – the show was more enlighted. I mean IAMX is dark. That´s how it works and I love it. I love the shadow cabinet of IAMX – the way they play with light, shapes and shadows. The moment when ‘Music People’ starts to play and shadowy figures start to enter the arena and dark shapes dance over the stage this is always making my blood rushing through my head filling my body with a bunch of bursts of adrenalin.

The audience went wild when Chris asked for more noise by a short ‘I can’t hear you’.


My first highlights during this tour are always ‘Music People’ and ‘ Volatile Times’. It´s bringing me in the right dance mood to make me go even more wild. These edgy rhythms and catchy tunes are perfect to start the show. They heat the crowd for the first classic song: ‘Nightlife’. Light fell on stage, Chris lifted up his veil and we found out how to survive in the nightlife. Somehow ‘Ghosts of Utopia’ is making my blood boil and it is so much better being played live than listened on CD. Sure I love the CD version but live – woot – no word! I could scream ‘this is psychosis’ forever.

A real treat for the eye was ‘Tear Garden’ with rain falling from the roof and Chris playing with the light and his white umbrella. So sinful and mysterious in a way.

Chris decided to hide himself under a big white veil being burned by ‘Fire and Whispers’. And out from the dark Alberto appeared from time to time with fire burning in his face.


‘Bring Me Back A Dog’ dragged my attention the first time during this show much more on Janine – while she was heating up the audience. And again they played some classics like ‘Skin Vision’ and ‘Spit It Out’ – which marked the end of the show and pushes me up again. Makes me dance on even if the little red light next to Caroline is expired.

The lights on stage turn out and you still don´t realise that it´s over now. Filled up with adrenalin you tumble around paralized searching for something to drink cause you´re completely sweat out. Still high from that circus we went through we met some friends after the show for a short talk.

Ah… hey we already grow up a new generation of IAMX fans. Friends of mine where there with their little baby boy which should see the light of the world in September.

But quite fast it was time to leave cause we knew it´s time to find into sleep for the next day. Cause Hamburg was waiting for us.

…. to be continued




P.S.: Again I had the luck to get a gift from Alberto – who gave me one of his drum sticks but I gave it away to Cross Girls brother as a birthday gift.


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