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3 different tastes from 3 different countries in our mouth’

Posted in Volatile Times on März 30th, 2011 by IAMXTourCorner

Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (B) – 19.03.2011

“Somehow he reminded me of a piece of driftwood in a stormy sea which was whiped by the wind and then was washed ashore back on stage to continue let this volatile time never end.”

After that cold last night we were happy to get a great breakfast. Well ok there wasn’t a big variety of food but in the end it was ok to give us energy. And me I was so happy that Cross Girl was feeling so much better. I guess the bacterias thought ‘Ok, we don´t want to stay here. It´s cold, wet and loud.’  So they disappeared during the night blown away by that energy and vibes we had last night
in the ‘Kulturfabrik’. So it was worth it to suffer!

Well it was time to grab all our stuff to head over to see IAMX’ in the european Capital of Chocolate.

Bienvenue à Bruxelles! Willkommen in Brüssel!

We arrived there, having a little problem – no our navigation system was still working well – but Cross Girl didn´t have a ticket for the show. You now may be surprised, but well Cross Girl forgot to buy hers or better to say she was a little late. We tried to directly buy one at the location when we arrived. So we parked the car in the second row, disappearing only for 2 minutes and we got a ticket.
Ok not for the concert but from the police for parking the wrong way. Isn´t it a nice souvenir? Will keep it in my memory box, but first need to pay it.

In the end we did handle the ‘real’ ticket problem and Cross Girl didn´t need to stay in the hotel punching herself for being that clumsy.

We arrived at the hotel then and me I has been a bit – let me say it – disappointed. I mean which hotel in a big city is doing check-in at 3p.m.? Ours did! So we settled down in the lobby and I guess we looked very wretched with all our luggage, that the receptionist felt pity for us and let us check-in bit earlier.

I´ve never been dressed up for a show that fast. But from the last 2 days we were in practice. Me I decided to already go to the location whereas Cross Girl was still preparing herself. She joined us a little later. Me I already had a talk with my friend Vince who we met already in Namur last September for IAMX’ last concert of their ‘Kingdom Tour’. Later Barbie joined us as well as my dearest boyfriend from France with our friend DJShine + friends as well as some friends from Lyon.

Sending greetings out to you all! Kiss.

Finally inside the hardest time started again. Waiting for the concert to start.But we found a way to eh… play the time away. Let me say it that way.

Then it was time for the wonderful ‘Noblesse Oblige’ again to sweeten up the waiting time. Unfortunately I don´t have any pics of them this time, cause I had some trouble with my cam. But more for that later on.

I am sorry for that but I will put things right the next concerts. I promise Valerie and Sebastian.

Though I was only allowed to take pictures for the show itself only for the first 3 songs. After that I wasn’t allowed anymore and I needed to give my camera away, getting it back after the show. So I was a little confused about that but sure nothing can bring me down. I enjoyed the concert with both hands and eyes.


And it was mindblowing, marvellous, gorgeous and ah…. I mean usually there is no word for what we feel about the shows, the concerts and all what is going round these shows on our trips. But somehow we need to describe it – I mean we want to share it with you.

2.000 people is something very different from the other shows before. Those have been smaller, more intimate. This time we´ve been sharing this moment with a bigger crowd and enjoying it nonetheless so much.

It always gives me goose pimples if I think about IAMX’ concerts. The feelings you have… I mean how can you describe such a show?No way…. You once need to see one and you will be infected by it wanting more. I felt the same in Brussels. The band was great and giving all they could. At least I felt they were a bit tired and Chris told about having throat problems and as we now see they suffer from an agressive virus contracting throat and lungs.

GET WELL SOON but NEVER forget about YOUR HEALTH! Take care!

Even if they already have been weakened you clearly recognized they´ve been doing the best they could.And the concert was dark and great as usual. From some I heard it was too dark. For me it was ok – well I´ve already seen 2 different shows before this is maybe why I did not care about darker lights.

I only concentrate myself on the show itself. I usually close my eyes from time to time to only feel the vibes and listen to the pure sound.
It seemed that Chris enjoyed that big crowd in a way though I think he´s more into smaller clubs and shows.


I don´t remember the song anymore but I remember that I enjoyed one special moment. When Chris, wearing a bra which was tossed on stage by a fan, stepped from the stage onto the front cordon, which separates the audience from the stage, and fell over into the sea of grabbing hands.

Somehow he reminded me of a piece of driftwood in a stormy sea which was whiped by the wind and then was washed ashore back on stage to continue let this volatile time never end.

I was so wishing to hear ‘Bernadette’ in Brussels, I know it was on the setlist, but they did not perform it, unfortunately. Can I make a wish instead? How´s about ‘Avalanches’ then? :)

It will stay a wish I guess.


Ok we should not complain. They played a great show. The reworked songs with that big audience were sounding new again. The acoustic is so different then and I love the feedback of such a big crowd.I like to hear the audience sing and by that interact with the band in a way. This kind of communication is surely easier with a more crowded show than in those small clubs. So both is holding its particular attraction in a way. And what should I say the fast it began, the fast it was over. My biggest sorrow now was getting my camera back and I did. Lucky girl.

After the show we decided to go to eat and drink something with our friends from France. So we went out to a little bar to eat and drink something. But before that I had a little encounter.

I love the way people look at us when we´re dressed up for a show. As we walked around a guy was looking at me and I enjoy to stare back. So he passed by, fixing me with his eyes starting to send a kiss over to me and telling me ‘Je t’aime’. Well he only loved my outer appearance. He should to get to know my inner freaky ego. Some people are so superficial *smile*

Well we ate something and then went back to the hotel with 3 different tastes from 3 different countries in our mouth’ and an impression of theatre and circus paired with pushing vibes and dark emotions in our heads.

THANK YOU for that great time! This goes out to all the ones we´ve met during these days, to the band + management and all the other ones who made this possible and worth it. Thank you!

Don´t be afraid, dear IAMX lovers, we´re back! Sooooon!

LOVE and stay IAMXed





Setlist Brussels

PICTURES by Racoon Girl

all pics can be found here @ Flickr

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