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… so long …

Posted in Volatile Times on Februar 27th, 2011 by IAMXTourCorner

… so long you´ve waited in line…

Hello beautiful people!

Desire is a gift in life and yeah yes it is!

Well now that IAMX have been releasing their amazing first single “Ghots of Utopia” – which is by the way a splendid track raising in itself to end up exploding in the refrain – and the album is up to be dropped at March 18th. It´s time to welcome our addiction and to reveal our plans for the upcoming shows.

You´re expectant?
You should be!!! XD

We’re going to beat the streets to accompany IAMX for all their concerts in Germany as well as for 3 additional shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Taking cars and planes, riding trains – going crazy, being dark and creative….

Getting warmed up with little Apeldoorn somewhere nowhere in the Netherlands (March 17th), heading over to Luxembourg (March 18th) and enjoying Brussels (March 19th) we’re having a home game in Cologne @ April 8th.
Right up the next morning the gang is starting through to Hamburg to put up at St. Pauli.

Hamburgs most infamous district.
This dark and suspicious lowland …

Really heated up one day before Berlins show we´re heading over and then going to see IAMX play “home sweet home” in wonderful Berlin the next day @ April 14th.
To get energy for the last “leg” of our “tour” we’re staying in Berlin for some days. Enjoying the flair and inspiration of that metropole and finding new creativity for Munich and Frankfurt.
Right the day of the concert in Munich (April 19th) we fly over to celebrate the show and Cross Girls birthday! What a brilliant birthday present for her. Like if I would have been organizing it for sweetheart Cross Girl…
Sweety enjoy that! This will be your show! Your day and we´re all going to celebrate it with you….!!!!

IAMX-Tour-Corner "Tour-Plan"

And then…. the last concert will come.. *sigh* and it will be gorgeous and mindblowing… like all the other ones before!
Last stop – Frankfurt (Club – Das Bett) – April 21st.

Well after that concert we could say: we´ve been in bed with IAMX. Oh gosh was this a bad wordplay , wasn´t it? But I couldn´t hold myself back. Sorry guys ;)

After that unbelievable trip we need to return back to normality – unfortunately.
Falling in a deep hole of dark depression after that awesome time but we’re beating it and diving up and down in our material and experiences. Not letting it getting control of us…

And you lovers out there – YOU can come in - we’re leaving you into our little world of crazyness and share our souls with you.

So hold your breath…. keep an eye on IAMX-Tour-Corner and ALWAYS… and if I say always I mean always STAY IAMXed!

Cheers and sending our love out to you
“The Girls of Addiction”