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Hi music people

Posted in Volatile Times on November 1st, 2010 by IAMXTourCorner

TODAY…. starts something new for all the music people and IAMX-LOVERS out there

My friend Anja (Cross Girl) and me (Racoon Girl) we will start a TOUR BLOG about all the great IAMX concerts we´ve seen and the ones we will see.

You can stroll around here and read about our experiences.

Watch my pics of the shows and dive into that amazing circus of IAMX live by leaning back and watching videos taken by Cross Girl

‘FIRE AND WHISPERS’ will be the new tour called of IAMX to their forthcoming album ‘VOLATILE TIMES’

To promote that, IAMX chose the awesome MeetFactory in golden glorious Prague as their location to show off what they already stripped down.

The following trip was completly changing my mind! It was blowing it away!

And as I told to Chris sitting on stage ready to perform ‘Bernadette’ „YOU FUCK MY BRAIN“ – this show really was!

Starting in Cologne in the morning at 22nd of Ocotber taking a plane to head over to Prague.

Arrving only 50 minutes later in Prague 24km outside of the center we took a bus to the inner part to go on with metro and train to our hotel high above Prague.

We (Cross Girl ‘Anja’, Triangle Girl ‘Marina’ and Racoon Girl ‘Steffi/Steph/me’) directly started to go down town again to see some sights.

But being already so excited about the show at night we did not really had a look for that wonderful historical city.

Prague I promise I will come back one day!

After that very little sightseeing tour we rushed back to the hotel to prepare ourselfs for the show.
Me I wanted to be in the front row so I took all my heart to go to the MeetFactory down the hill through dark Prague – alone!

I arrived there and the organisation was really crappy.

They let us wait ouside in front of the doors causing panic by opening the doors again and again for the security staff over and over.

But all that was forgotten when I was waiting in the first row to let the show begin.

It was becoming dark and the band came on stage. Chris Corner was kissing my hand with my special gloves I made only for THIS concert.

I was paralized.

The show started with 4 new songs ‘FIRE AND WHISPERS’ / ‘OH BEAUTIFUL TOWN’ / ‘BERNADETTE’ and ‘MUSIC PEOPLE’.

Between ‘OH BEAUTIFUL TOWN’ and ‘BERNADETTE’ I was using the silence in the room and was screaming to Chris who was about to play ‘BERNADETTE’ ‘YOU FUCK MY BRAIN’. He was turning around to me telling to me ‘YOU FUCK MY BRAIN’. I was so paralized and was giving him a handkiss and Chris was so dry to respond ‘THIS FUCKS MY BRAIN’.

I thought to use my chance and to throw our ‘Dog of Kingdom’ (which I created myself) on stage.

Dog of Kingdom

Chris was using it later to dry himself from sweat and Janine was rocking with him at her synth. This was an exciting journey for him XD I hope he is safe and happy…!

Then Chris was standing right in front of me taking my hand during one song for a moment and sings.

Still so amazed by this I should not forget to tell you about the 5th new song.

‘ COLD RED LIGHT’ was blowing my mind away. The sound is biting and pushing! Just love it! So scratchy, dark and electro!

And this is not the end….

Chris was about to surprise us all with a single guitar version of  ’MISSILE’. So amazing. I do not need to tell that I love that song?

Now to come to another highlight I experienced.

For ‘Your joy is my low’ Alberto was positioning himself in front of me and starting to play.

They played a different version which I already knew from the last show in Namur (Belgium), so I started to sing Janine’s part cause’ she did not directly start and Alberto recognized that I knew it and was rocking with me till the end and gave me a handkiss for that afterwards.

It was awesome!

And to now mention the last highlight. After the concert Janine wanted to leave the stage as well by throwhing her towel into the audience but I catched it. ^^

That show, these songs, this band is just so awesome! It´s like theatre, like circus, like a different world I dive in when the first tune starts to play!

Can´t wait for the next time in March next year!

And as Chris promised this show was a ‘VOLATILE TIME’ for me cause the new songs are more than just awesome. They made me cry… They really did!

Check out my pics and Cross Girls vids below and become part of that amazing piece of music



The setlist:

Setlist Prag 22.10.10

My pics of the show XD

Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague - 22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague - 22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague - 22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague -22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague - 22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague - 22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague - 22.10.10 Fire and Whispers live in MeetFactory, Prague -22.10.10

All my pics of the show can be found HERE –> FLICKR

See these awesome videos made by Cross Girl of our ‘volatile’ trip to Prague for IAMX!

pArT 1

pArT 2

pArT 3

Missile – live in Prague 22-10-10