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You wear your little smile….

Posted in Kingdom of Welcome Addiction on November 4th, 2010 by IAMXTourCorner

Ok some might say… hey this is almost ages ago….
For me it is still like it was yesterday.

I talk about the last concert of IAMX’ ‘Kingdom Tour’ at September 17th this year in Namur.
Namur is a pretty little town in the back of Belgium and it gave a warm weclome to IAMX and all their lovers.

But I should start at the beginning of that day.
Started in the morning to work for some hours. I was so tired but already excited to see IAMX live again after I saw them last live in Brussels this year in March.

So at 1 p.m. I was meeting my friends Cross Girl and Triangle Girl to get the car to rush down the road to Belgium.
Arriving there we thought we were wrong, stranded somehwere. So we were wandering around to find the right stage between all the others and yeah finally found it.
Well but we have been there 5 hours too early. So what to do?

Ok me I decided to stay in front of the stage – in my crazyness – and my friends wanted to see Namur a little, walk around and bring me something to eat and to drink (thank you sweeties) to keep my place in the first row.

The bands in between have been quite ok.
What was their name??? Eh… Ah yes. ‘Curry & Coco’ and eh… ‘Naive New Beaters’. Liked them but I did not really mind. I wanted to see IAMX smashing my mind, beating my brain with their sounds.
And they were. They were so amazing. I did not expect something different XD

Well I recognized they have been a little cautious during the first songs, still frailed by the problems during the ‘Szene Festival’.
Having little technical problems, for ex during ‘SAILOR’ with Chris’ megaphone, they did not even mind to allow themselves to get down.
Yeah Chris if it´s not willing to cooperate with you send it to the tear garden ^^

IAMX with 'SAILOR' live in Namur

No… they smashed out. Coming out of their cage trying to catch us with their music and never let our souls go.

I loved the setlist, but missing ‘THINK OF ENGLAND’. Don´t know why they did not play that for a longer time … hmm….

It was awesome! It was amazing… No there is no word for it! Even if I prefer them to play in little clubs. ´Cause Chris is so much more himself in those little clubs. He´s driving you out of your mind by letting his vicious animal out!
He´s a crazy creative beast!

Okay okay okay back to the concert! XD
Eh… I lost the thread… Yes they were not playing ‘THINK OF ENGLAND’ but playing those amazing new versions of other songs.
I was so surprised and in love from the first tune.

I love the way they changed the ‘old’ songs to those “new” ones.
‘YOUR JOY IS MY LOW’ … well… I don´t know how to describe it. I always loved that song. It was the first song I’ve ever heard of IAMX and for me now it is a new one again. A gorgeous one with that melody part at the end. And since Namur I was listening to it one million times.

You know MAX? I never thought that MAX is such a great drum machine. I really don´t miss the organic drummers and no MAX is not a number he´s playing it so well! Keep on rockin’ MAX.


Ah and I don´t want to forget about Alberto – ‘YOU ROCK’  XD. And yeah Janine you are so crazy and so doing it! I send all my LOVE out TO YOU ALL!

Oh people I nearly forgot to tell you the best….
I am sorry ^^

My dearest Cross Girl was catching one of Chris’ drum sticks for me. Yes she did not save it for herself. She gave it to me.
Perhaps because I was the one who was driving us home afterwards. 4 damn hours! Yes 4 hours *sigh*

But I did not care about the fact that when I came home I was nearly 24 hours awake.
IAMX is my drug. It´s pushing me to its highest!!!! They make me smile!!!

Cheers and see you soon with another little report….
Stay IAMXed

The setlist:

Setlist Namur 17.09.10


IAMX live in Namur IAMX live in Namur IAMX live in Namur IAMX live in Namur IAMX live in Namur IAMX live in NamurIAMX live in Namur



‘YOUR JOY IS MY LOW’ <- Did I already mention that I love that version?

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